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byOorzaak, October 7, 2014
Calendar Planner
Calendar Planner is a nice and easy calendar extension. I do have one feature request, about Joomla core acl integration, which I already discussed with the developer. But for me this would be a 'nice to have' and certainly not a showstopper.

What impressed me most is Germinal's help when I ran into a serious (Bootstrap versions) conflict with my template. If I'd call it 'going the extra mile' then it would be an understatement. He was really going quite some extra miles!

Many thanks, Frits
I came across this extension because of a presentation by Brian Teeman. He coined it "The cck that is not a cck". I think he's right, as Fieldsattach is not trying to replace Joomla core functionality, as most cck's do. It rather is complementary to the core, and in my opinion this is a very good concept.

It works pretty good as well, and I am very happy with it. For the inexperienced user, some aspects could be smoothened a bit more. Also I found a little bug when using it for categories rather than articles. The bug was solved quickly by the developer.

Which brings me to the point of support, and my experiences with that are excellent.

My overall rating of this extension is "good", not "excellent" because I think there are still a few rough edges. Yet I do hope that Cristian will continue developing and refining Fieldsattach and keeping up his high standards of support. If he does, I suppose that I will have to update my review.
byOorzaak, March 20, 2014
Unite Revolution Responsive Slider
Very impressive options for creating slides that are multi-layered and may contain all types of content: images, text, buttons, video. Which can also be animated independently. For an extension this complicated, the interface is reasonably easy.

But what impressed me most was the speed of the support desk. After using this extension on one site I was very surprised that it seemed not to work on the second one. I made a support ticket and it was solved within an hour. Turned out to be a jquery conflict with my template, so they just switched off jquery in the slideshow settings and presto!

Thanks, Frits.
Community Builder
Over the years the Joomla core was extended with some user profile fields. Yet, if you really want to dig into profile and/or community building you'll need an extension. Community Builder (CB) is one of two or three major players in this league. And CB is my favorite as it's structure is more transparent. I have it running on a handful of sites right now.

Having said this, I must add that I had some bad times with CB because of two things: (1) making it look a bit fancy takes a lot of work and (2) if you need to migrate from J.1.5. to J.2.5. then you're on your own. It seems that there used to be a CB plugin for jUpgrade but that it doesn't work anymore since J.2.5.6., end of story.

So here I am working a few days on the migration of one single CB install. And yes I need to do it as I don't see an alternative. But boy would I like to see an easier way to do this.
byOorzaak, June 10, 2013
Ignite Gallery
Had some trouble finding the right gallery extension over the last years. Many galleries have nice features but also have a lot of shortcomings in other areas. I think Ignite Gallery does the trick very well and has an excellent overall level.

I did not need support until recently, when I wanted to set up Ignite Gallery to meet some extensive front-end submission demands. Support turned out to be quick and helpful, and I really felt that my questions were received as useful feedback for further development. That is what Joomla extension development should be.

Thanks and keep it up!
byOorzaak, April 16, 2013
This component is very impressive, if not to say a bit overwhelming at first. But after some time I did get used to it and learned how to set it up to meet our needs.

I did have some starting up troubles, these were addressed quickly and adequately by the support team of Stackideas. Thank you, guys!
Absolute Floating Menu
I had some trouble fitting Absolute Floating Menu into my template - and also some additional requests from my customer after the module was installed. Denis helped me very quickly and with great results. Thanks, Frits
byOorzaak, February 19, 2013
GMapFP : Google Map
I'm using this component on a site which depends on front end submission of locations; we hope to collect some hundreds of locations. GMapFP exceeded my expectations as did the support. I was a bit under pressure because of the deadline of this project but quick and adequate support really helped me through.
byOorzaak, February 14, 2013
Redirect on Login (pro)
Just like the first reviewer I've downloaded the free version as this offers all I need. Installs in seconds en is set up in just a few moments more.
byOorzaak, June 27, 2012
I picked this module for its looks, and my customer was very pleased with it. Setting up the module was a breeze. I just had a few questions about the styling of the module - which turned out to be due to some settings in my template css. I got a very quick response. Thumbs up!
byOorzaak, May 10, 2012
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Like some other reviewers I've spent some time checking out several extensions for the job. Most important to me was the ability to put up my settings in the back end so users can upload their image without thinking and have it displayed neatly. Many extensions did not meet this requirement as they are based on in-line codes between curly brackets. This may work for a seasoned web author but not for my average front end user.

BK_Multithumb gives the site admin an overwhelming amount of parameters to set, and the user can upload whatever picture he likes - it is taken care of. Very good job, just what I needed.

Now I must admit I did not have the time yet to test this extension thoroughly. Also, I've used it on a J1.5 site only so far. That is the reason why I rated it 'Good'. But the concept is excellent and I have not experienced any issues.

byOorzaak, February 2, 2012
Akeeba Backup
What more can I say after hundreds of positive reviews? They are absolutely right! I just set up a procedure for creating test-and-development copies of my sites. Took some tinkering with server side settings for file access rights - not an Akeeba issue but with solved with advice from Nicholas. Just brilliant, that is!
byOorzaak, September 30, 2011
I use this extension to add tooltips to menu items. Which turned out to be a special request: because of the limitations of the menu title fields I needed to create a setup with both Tooltips and ReReplace, also by NoNomber.

It took some time & I needed to ask a few questions before it worked. Once again this showed that support is just as important, if not more important than the extension itself. Peter keeps up his high standards on both.
byOorzaak, July 8, 2011
I was looking for a Twitter display module which can handle a more complex search, rather than just displaying the Tweets of @so-and-so. Well this one can. It's a pity I had to try and compare so many modules before I found this one. But that's not your fault ;-) Please keep up the good work. Maybe you can add some auto refresh and/or rotating to it in the future?
byOorzaak, April 8, 2011
ARI Image Slider
I tried a dozen of image sliders. Every one of them had some nice features to it... and none of them did exactly what I wanted. Or, when they did, they turned out to be buggy. Except for ARI Image Slider. But this is only where the story starts.

I tried Image Slider on a Joomla! 1.5 test site using the obvious Milkyway template. Everything went ok and, as I said, the module was exactly what I was looking for. Then I installed the module on my live site which has a home made template, and I was in trouble. ARI Soft helped me out and, on the fly, gave me some advice for improving my css.

You guys are great, thanx a lot!

byOorzaak, March 9, 2011
I really like to do a lot of templating and css styling myself. However I had a real pain trying to make a drop down menu working in IE7. So I turned to this ARI YUI Menu extension. It didn't work right away either, but after I posted a question in their forum I got an answer very quickly and it solved my problem. So 10 out of 10 for service.

Maybe we could use a bit more of documentation for the css classes which are used in this component. So my overall rating is Good, not Excellent. When it comes to service, I'd say Excellent without any doubt.

byOorzaak, February 23, 2011
I want to use this indexer in combination with a Joomla component of my own. Development is not finished yet, so I cannot give a final conclusion. What I can say however, is that it indexed about 3500 pdf's (!), many of which have 20+ pages, like a breeze. And support is good, which in my opinion is a very important factor when choosing an extension. Please keep up the good work!

byOorzaak, February 16, 2010
Ozio Gallery
I installed this extension and chose the accordion skin. It worked, though it needed a lot of tweaking. Titles appeared outside the image area, the accordion segments were of different dimensions, it was unclear how to change titles & links, etcetera.

Some of these settings I found in an xml file - which is not very user friendly, especially when creating a site for a customer. Some other issues seemed to be solved by creating new images with set dimensions - which is the wrong way around in my opinion.

It is very well possible that these issues can be solved in much better ways, but - and this is my most important point - there is no documentation. I did find a forum in italian, with some english topics in it, but many topics were not answered after months.

I'm sorry but I have no other conclusion: a great idea but totally useless for serious users.