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byOrustEvent, March 2, 2010
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I checked the source code before installing and after installing and activating.
The only change I could see was att the "generator" and the cange was from joonla to SEOSimple.
Title and description meta was the same before and after installing and activating.
So Im thinking this is a cheap way for the author to get free advertising for the extension and the webbsite!
Please correct me if Im wrong, and do tell me what this extension really do!
Owner's reply

Hopefully you don't just install plugins without first asking yourself if you need them and then reading about how they work. The instructions for this plugin are clear, as are how it works. The credit meta (a useless piece of meta that serves little in the way of advertising) can easily be turned off via the plugin's options.

As for what it does -- it does what it says it does -- automatically generates meta descriptions on the fly for Joomla articles, saving users the need for manually entering meta descriptions for each article.

byOrustEvent, March 2, 2010
I,ve just installed ARTIO JoomSEF, after repetedly trying to get the SEF working on my site!

What a blast, about 3 min. of work!!!

An more, I have a third party extension installed, and it was supported by ARTIO but costed a bit of money. This installed extension was showing up at my site really f**ked up!!
This made me really mad, but as I looked at ARTIO I learned that I could turn the SEF off for this extension!! WOW, this turne my madness into hapiness again!!
I really recomend ARTIO JomSEF!!!
And I will by the support for my extension!!!

Cant say to many times, This extension is a must!!