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byPCMHZ, July 3, 2014
Using only server-side GZip was half the story but with this quick-fix plugin, Facebook Graph works as intended with Joomla GZip activate.

Until we get a proper fix for this problem, i reccomend this little plugin to all users of J3.x!

Many thanks to developer!
byPCMHZ, February 25, 2012
Easy to instal, plenty of options and it does what I really needed - a fast and LITE social share extension for FB, Twitter and G+.

I just ask and hope that developer will focus that future releases will be about making it faster (if possible) :) and resist the urge to clutter with other options.

We had enough of mega-ultra-stuffed things like AddThis and many others that will add tons of not needed code to a website.

My best regards and appreciations goes to this developer! Nice job!
byPCMHZ, March 29, 2010
After almost giving up all hopes to find a easy, simple but elegant way to speed-up my article gallery construction I was lucky enough to find this one. Works right out the box where others failed due to bugs or conflicts.
Powerfull settings are available and I do hope that the developer will continue to keep it lite and fast.
byPCMHZ, January 22, 2010
After searching and trying almost all download components/extensions, they all prove to be too complicated or too simple.
Discovering jDownloads was the best thing, its very simple to use in backend as it is in frontend, plenty of options and I'm really looking to see how it will evolve since there are few options that must be implemented.
Nevertheless, if you're looking for a easy to use, easy to customize and easy to implement component for your download section of your site, take a look at this, you wont regret!

Owner has responded very fast on they're support forum, all problems solve. ;)