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byPDG, November 18, 2011
By far the best form component I have used for Joomla to date. There is some cost involved but they are minimal considering the flexibility you get with this.

The 3 interfaces are perfect allowing advanced users to setup extremely powerful forms with additional coding and beginners the ability to quickly setup a quick but attractive visual form with a host of great features per input type.

Support on the site is very good however you may wait for an answer at times but there is already a wealth of information available in the Knowledgebase and Forums that cover most of the more advanced issues I have had to address.

Backend functionality allows integration with other tables in the database and is very intuitive to understand and implement the basic to advanced settings.
byPDG, November 18, 2011
I've used some others but out of the box Zoo is my default favorite. The component is powerful and not for the beginner as it offers an endless array of configuration options.

I give it 5 stars because I have had very little issues with it on multiple sites and it is a free component. I find the interface logical and easy to understand plus the support documentation available on the Yoo website is outstanding.

In my experience there has been very good backwards compatibility up to this point. I have not utilized it as of yet on 1.7 but will provide feedback if something changes.

Great FREE component if you are comfortable with Joomla and have a decent understanding of CCKs in general.

Would not recommend if you need person to person support but as I stated their help documentation is really thorough even walking advanced users through the process of developing your own apps.

Would like to see some features implemented on the frontend in the future. Cannot disagree with some other comments regarding that end of the spectrum but still have to recommend it without reserve.
Community Builder
I have noticed many developers beginning to raise pricing and add very restrictive licenses relegated to a single domain, etc... on many decent extensions out there but really offering limited functionality.

Community Builder and the team are a true Open Source GPL group. They offer commercial extensions (CBSubs) but the core component Community Builder is still FREE to download, use and modify and it works and works well with an array of features and customization that is remarkable.

For the very reasonable Documentation Subscription price they also offer an array of plugins and addons for the core plus extensive documentation for the component. Recently they just released Facebook and Twitter connect plugins to doc subscribers which are extremely useful and add a great deal of value to CB.

I implore all Joomla users to support projects like this as they are true developers who obviously love what they do and still provide base components for free while charging extremely reasonable fees for the majority of their other offerings.

As far as styling - that would be the only slight negative but it can be done and they provide several different themes which can be customized with some work.

Great job! Keep up the good work ... cannot wait to see the next version.

Feature request I would love to see in the next version is activities... maybe for doc subs?