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Paladin Brewer

byPaladin Brewer, July 7, 2012
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Proforms Basic
I tried this component to create a form, and that part worked great. However many people are getting a white screen when they submit, even though I have error checking on. I contacted the creators for support, and they did email me back and forth quickly at first. However they began ignoring my emails and the problem was never resolved. Now I have to look for another component :(
Owner's reply

We just can shake our heads by this review.

This is a free (as in beer) component and we gave tech support anyway.
We gave it not only one time, we checked the site and responded several times to the reviewers emails.

Every time we checked the site everything used to be working like a charm.
So how can we help if the form is working on different browsers.

Probably the person PROVOKED this review of whatever reason.

A fact is that we have gave support for free and couldn't find any errors. If this issue is real the only reason could be a misconfigured server.

But everybody understands that we can not give dedicated support over a long time for free.
If you purchase an advance service subscription you can get more intensive support.

Such reviews let us think about canceling any support for Proforms Basic.
The victims are the community thank such parasitary people.

byPaladin Brewer, February 4, 2012
Though this component has potential, it could be better. My major issue with it is the integration with Kunena. It will not give points to user who post on any forums that are not open to the public. I have made numerous posts on their forums about this rather major issue, only to be ignored.
byPaladin Brewer, January 12, 2012
A really useful mod for the little things, and the big things if you're good :) Also I had problems with mine, but received quick responses on their forum. Kudos and thanks!