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byPanosFX, December 11, 2012
Great extension and timely support by Stephane. Highly recommended!
byPanosFX, September 24, 2012
Contact Enhanced Component
An excellent extension that lets you create professional contact pages. It offers an impressive array of custom field types that will meet everyone's needs, customized email templates, import/export of MySQL tables, and many more. Support is top notch too. Highly recommended.
byPanosFX, April 19, 2012
AcyMailing Starter
Fantastic! I've been using the "Enterprise" version and it's definitely worth every cent.

I had been using another component but I had a number of issues. This one works like a treat and leaves so much space for customization. Support is great too.

Panos Efstathiadis
byPanosFX, November 23, 2011
Brilliant. Just brilliant. I had tried other similar components. They worked well more or less, but there were always certain issues to tackle. I switched to SH404SEF and that all. No issues at all, integrates flawlessly with other addons. Support is great too.
byPanosFX, August 10, 2011
Social Share Buttons
Great extension.
I like the plethora of customizing options, and the fact that it is distributed both as a plugin & module.
One suggestion: the FB "Share" button (when activated) appears at the end of the buttons' row, while the BF "Like" shows up at the beginning. It would be great if you could move the "Share" button next to the "Like" button. And of course it would be ideal if we could re-arrange the various buttons to our own preference.

byPanosFX, February 24, 2011
Very useful extension, it works as advertised and it does most of the 'dirty job'. Great support also.
byPanosFX, February 23, 2011
Art Sexy Lightbox
Top notch, highly customizable extension.
Superb and timely support.

The big advantages are the large array of options, the impressive level of customization that will meet the vast majority of requirements, the module & plugin format, the use of alt & description tags.

The support is just awesome.
byPanosFX, July 29, 2009
This is one of the few items I regret having payed for, both due to problems I had with it and also due to the poor level of support.

JoomSEF doesn't work properly with Community Builder and Kunena (to name a few popular components). The CB login & CB register modules do not work unless you skip CB in JoomSEF.

I also had to skip Kunena since my site's members couldn't post any messages.

I emailed the company 6 times during the last 2 weeks asking for their help. At the beginning they asked me to describe my problems. I did that. After that they remained silent despite the numerous emails I sent them.

Panos Efstathiadis
Owner's reply

Dear Panos,

I regret you have this experience, but we are e.g. using Kuneno on our own site - with the same plugin - and our users do not have any problems in sending posts.
So just make sure you are using the latest versions of everything.
As regards support, we do as much as we can, but our capacities are limited (usualy because of users that do not read FAQs and ask the same things over and over).