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byPascal_Netenvie, October 25, 2012
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AcyMailing Starter
As webdesigner i've built lot of website with Joomla and newsletter systems.

Acymailing is the best and most powerfull solution i have tested.
It is simple, powerfull and run without any bugs or problems.
Updates are regular and simple.
The statistics system is awesome !
And there is tons of plugins for all good extensions.
What else ? Just test it. You'll never go back.
byPascal_Netenvie, May 21, 2012
I used lot of simple and complex gallery system for many website.

Recently i tested Joomgallery and was impressed !
There is lot of functionnality and everything to set it up !
Upload options are perfect (ftp, java, zip, by form) and really easy to use.
And it comes with lot of plugin and modules !
Nice job and it is Open source !
byPascal_Netenvie, April 12, 2012
This extension is really perfect to develop your own content management and migrate old system data to joomla.
Some great features :

- Datastorage can build automatically from existing database table !
- Joomla article can be automatically created when a content builder is created and a template for article can be customized!
- Multiple view can be associated to each datastorages (so multiple access right) !

Also Markus is really reactive on support and upgrades.

A must use product.
We also tested and worked with Zoo, K2 and F2c.
byPascal_Netenvie, May 19, 2011
Advanced Module Manager
A really mandatory extension that every webmaster should install on Joomla.
Lot of display criteria for your modules and possibility to add colours in list to indentify it faster.
And developper is good at support and update extensions really often!