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Pastor Dan

byPastor Dan, May 1, 2014
This plugin makes it drop-dead easy to add all types of code to the head of your pages. Not only that, you can select different code for different pages, users and groups. This is an incredibly flexible plugin and works well. I have tried a number of others in this extension category and Headtag is the best out there.
byPastor Dan, May 17, 2013
SP Staging
With Joomla 2.5, a number of updating extensions have been built, including and Admincredible which have gotten lot of press. SP Staging is far superior to all others. SP Staging allows you to install and update any, and I repeat, any extension, remotely on an unlimited number of sites. All other extensions only allow you to update extensions that utilize the Joomla update function. SP Staging also allows you to update extensions with the Joomla update function.

This extension is a huge time saver for those managing many sites with many extensions. The developer is very responsive to bug reports and feature suggestions. The one-time purchase price for an unlimited number of sites is also great.
byPastor Dan, March 26, 2013
We used Josetta for our first multi-lingual site and were very pleased. The documentation is very clear in how to set up Joomla and Josetta. We were attracted to using Josetta, as it uses the native Joomla menus and multilingual system. Josetta makes the creating and maintaining of the site so much easier. In one place, you have a clear indication of which items are translated and what their association is with the same items in other languages. We are not a big fan of front-end editing, although we understand how it could be very useful for larger sites with many users. We would like the addition of backend usage of Josetta in the future if possible. Thanks again for a great extension.
Owner's reply

Hi Pastor Dan,

Thanks very much for your review, I'm glad Josetta was helpful and simplified your translation process. Let me add two comments:

- front-end translation is not so much related to the size or number of people involved in translation. It has more to do with who is doing translation.
The basic idea is that translators should not have access to backend, because they probably don't know Joomla (and are not supposed to) - but please see second comment also

The underlying idea is also to sometimes change the workflow: instead of having translators receiving emails with text and emailing back translations, and then the admin cut and paste translations into articles, Josetta allows translators to work directly on the site.
Josetta shows them only what they should translate, they are not bothered by settings they don't understand and should not touch.
And admin don't have to manage emails and .doc files anymore

- despite what I said above, Josetta is already available in your site backend!
Wherever you are, click on the "Josetta translations" link that normally sits near the top of you admin screen, and Josetta opens and works fully in a popup.
This was done so that an admin can for instance create an article in source language in the backend, then click from the article manager and just work on the translation immediately, without having to go to a Josetta page in backend, then back to article (or categories, or contact, or...) manager.


byPastor Dan, May 4, 2012
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This is an incredible gallery and slideshow extension. We are using it for galleries of hundreds of images and it works smoothly. The slice concept, in which your original image is never touched, but different size slices (images) are created is amazing. Putting images into multiple galleries with tags works well. The images can be shown in attractive slideshows. Clients love the visual nature of arranging their galleries and applying captions.