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byPatClark, July 9, 2008
JCK Editor
Fabulous editor. Some functions do not work or do not work on all browsers, but VERY GOOD otherwise. Cannot inform authors, see complaint below.

Like many others, I had trouble with the file manager portion of the product. I was getting "Premature End of Script Files" or some such XML error. Research on the web-site revealed no solution. Research on Google led me to the solution, for me. It appears there are different line-endings in some parts of the code. Installing from a Windows box to a Linux box produced faulty files. As a last result, I installed from Windows to Windows, and then FTPed the files to the server. Almost all functions now work just fine.

Complaint: their web-site refuses to allow me to login. I have tried several times over several months to reset password, etc, to no avail. Actually, this seems to be a Joomla fault -- I've seen it myself on my site. If it were not for highly motivated users, many of mine would never get on and I would never know. THERE NEEDS TO BE A "CONTACT US" MENU ITEM on every web-site, so problems can be reported.
Owner's reply

As I understand it both Safari & Opera are working hard to resolve some of their rich text editing support. Advancement needs to be addressed on both sides and so we presently claim 85% compatible with Safari & Opera. We are soon to release the latest Joomla! implementation of the FCK code, in which we will go as far as possible to address some of these compatibility issues for you. ****NOTE: Our ‘Contact Us’ form can be found under the 'Get involved!' menu item on our website. Would you be so kind to email us & I will look into why the system has banned you. Thanks & take care.