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byPatj, June 1, 2010
Mosets Tree

I need to qualify my opinion by saying that I am a new and recent user of directory components, but here is my conclusion:

After some researching I came to the conclusion that Sobi2 was going to be the right choice for me, so I purchased a Joomla template that included a modified Sobi2 template. After installing and trialing it I soon became frustrated with how difficult it was to modify and that the code seemed break very easily with very small changes. Although I did get replies in the forum I didn't receive the solutions to simple problems.

I decided to switch Mosets and purchased the Kinabalu template. I instantly found that there are a great deal more configuration options within mosets and that it is easier modify than Sobi2. It feels like a more professional product to me.

I have posted a number forum questions in the last couple of days in the priority and community forums, and they have all been answered the dKnight the lead developer. I have more confidence that my issues will be resolved here than I did in the Sobi2 forum.

It may be that the Sobi2 product is more appropriate for some applications, but I wanted to post my findings as I came to the wrong conclusion when researching the opinions on the Internet.

I believe that there is no comparison between the two products - Mosets is way better in my opinion.