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byPaulFBlackburn, July 1, 2014
Easy to set up and if you experience any problems the support is quick and efficient.
The only reservation I have is the price, I would have thought €10 would have been adequate. However, I was in a tight spot and this offered a quick, painless and still fairly cheap solution!
byPaulFBlackburn, April 9, 2014
AcyMailing Starter
I agree with all the other reviews that praise this product. It is, in my opinion, a world class product and is easily scalable for all types of organisations from a group of friends to a hugs international company.

It is the only extension that I have used where the developers got in touch with me to ask what I thought of it. When I did have an issue (nothing to do with the product) they responded magnificently and I'd like to thank them publicly for their understanding and quick response.
In conclusion, I thoroughly recommend this product and the developers who make it!
byPaulFBlackburn, March 26, 2014
As well as preset formats you can make your own or mix and match colors and symbols for a box. So highly flexible and looks great. And it's cheap!

I'd like to see a version where you can edit the box rather than having to re-input all the variables and, I believe, the developers are considering if this is feasible.
byPaulFBlackburn, February 8, 2013
Notice Board for Community builder
This is an interesting piece of software that already gives functionality to: a shared noticeboard that allows all users to post updates to - like facebook; a mini-blog system including Comments; and a communication system that allows one user to easily talk to another.
The developer is open to suggestions as to what the functionality could/could be and helped me considerably, in a very timely way, to tailor the functionality to suit my requirements.
A previous poster pointed out that the product is still being developed and I look forward to future versions which I'm sure will be as innovative as this one is.
byPaulFBlackburn, January 14, 2013
I found the product easy to install and use. On one site I've used it for blogging, as a News feed that the user can easily update, and as a way that the user can add, edit and remove content easily.
When I had a problem with the site (of my making not jaggyblog) the support was outstanding.
I can thoroughly recommend it!
byPaulFBlackburn, December 21, 2012
The developers at Nonumber really know their stuff and this easy to use plug-in is a great example of their work!
byPaulFBlackburn, December 9, 2012
Easy to install and use yet extremely powerful and free editor - I've used it both on 1.5 and 2.5 to great effect.

The add-ons, which are not free, are well worth the money and I'd advise everyone to buy them to make the editor fully comprehensive.
When I have had problems using some of the software - my fault as a novice joomla user rather than any to do with the software - the developer has been quick to respond and patiently guided me through the process.
Well done and thanks for probably the best software in the joomla world.
byPaulFBlackburn, December 9, 2012
I've used this component on both joomla version 1.5 and 2.5 and can thoroughly recommend it. Easy to load and easy to use for even the novice.