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byPaulFenton, June 30, 2013
At first glance you are quite amazed by the functionality and features of this product. But easyblog is a really good example of software developers fascination with features and functionality over usability. As a result of all the features and functionality piled into this product its usability, due to its complexity, makes it almost redundant. I am astounded that the developer hasn't considered to sit down and write a comprehensive user manual for this product. Really there is nothing - which their user support team admits. I give an example. To insert an image into a blog. There are perhaps 3/4 ways to actually do this with an enormous amount of permutations and parameters to select. But not one piece of documentation to guide the user. I used their support desk which was responsive but they have been unable to help me understand how their product works.

I should also point out that easyblog does not seem to work well with templates from Rocketheme. For example, the standard search module in these templates Rokajaxsearch does not integrate with easyblog.

If your requirements are modest then perhaps sticking to standard functionality in joomla or K2 is the answer and save yourself £50. Perhaps easyblog is more geared to websites that the only requirement is blogging. So in other words a one stop shop solution?
Owner's reply

Hello Paul,

Firstly, thank you very much for taking the time to write this review. Greatly appreciated!

Most of the features that has been submitted by our users has been added into the extension and by default you don't really need to perform much configurations unless you want to customize the output of the blog.

I also would like to beg to differ that it does not work well with Rockettheme. We have thousands of customers that runs on both EasyBlog and Rockettheme :) If you have any styling conflicts, please do write to us and we'll be glad to help you solve this.

Thanks again for taking the time to post this!