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byPentreiz, March 2, 2008
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We have used VirtueMart for a year now, and got it to work very nicely for our needs. An ecommerce package like VM, totally integrated inside Joomla is unique ( well.. there is a challenger now... Ixxo cart )and makes it absolutely strategic for Estore owners like us. It is so important in fact that we anxiously await every upgrades of the product.

The problem that we see with VM is that the product seems to be developed by one developer. Granted, he is very talented and deserves all our thanks, but such an important product requires a team, a clear road map etc... Just look at the list of bugs on the forum, and tasks yet to be filled, and you realize that there is not enough "manpower" to maintain the product. What to say about developing it ??

My comments are not to be construed as a rebuke, we have been very pleased, that said, we see a red flag attached to the product's future... Businesses need the reassurance that the product is maintained, developed and serviced. If it is not, we look for alternatives, and this is precisely what we are planning to do with the Ixxo cart for Joomla.

We plan to try Ixxo for Joomla inthe next few weeks, and will comment on how the two products stack up when we can make an objective assessment.

The good news is that there is now competition, and even though one product is not free, it is a small price to pay for a business that demands a 100% foolproof solution.