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It only took me 3 :-)

Seriously 15 years ago I was still programming away like mad, even today if I put my thinking cap on I can turn out a bit of code but the reality is that I have a day job and much of the advances made over the last few years have left me behind. Heck - why else would I be using an "off the shelf website" when I used to design and build my own - usually on Editpad! I feel well qualified therefore to give a non-geek review of this extension - it works and it's functional within seconds of uploading - only one setting *has* to be altered and there are only 3 other optional ones. It integrated very well and I'm keeping it. I had been building a bridge for "Discus" (different spelling - differrent software) but why bother ... "Discus" takes a week's worth of customising and life's to short.

Bottom line the DISQUS plug in works like a dream and if it's the sort of discussion/comment feature you're looking for don't waste time looking for anything better because I doubt it's out there
byPeriander, February 2, 2014
All joking apart this is an exceptionally good replacement for the bundled editors.
Being new to Joomla I'm still getting used to the various features; navigation and links in particular. JCE really does take the pain out of creating internal links something that was beginning to cause me something of a migraine.
Unlike one or two extensions I've tried it installed seamlessly and within seconds of the upload I was working with it.
Great stuff!