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byPetchros, July 12, 2011
ARI Sexy Lightbox
'ARI Sexy Lightbox' does 'what says on the can'. It is an excellent lightbox.

The modest asking price provides plentiful support. ARI Soft answer every post on their forum quickly, as they do when emailed directly. If you have a problem, they'll help you to solve it, or even update their software if warranted! Like others I've reviewed, they are professional, and provide a superlative service.

Keep up the brilliant work!
byPetchros, January 10, 2011
'aiContactSafe' keeps getting better and better. Its highly customisable without being too complex, and has an excellent 'captcha' facility as well. I got a nice looking form for my contact webpage, up and running in no time at all. I never would have done that so quickly without this component, as the standard forms within 'Joomla!' are no where as near as configurable, or offer so many variations.

Alex answers every post on his forum personally, and therefore has some of the most dedicated support around. He has very good advice, and responds quickly. If you have a problem, he'll help you to solve it. But please check his forum before posting your question as he may of answered your question before!

Although 'aiContactSafe' is currently free to download and use, don't forget to donate to him. He deserves it. This will help Alex to continue his excellent support of his wonderful 'aiContactSafe' software, and maintain his brilliant forum. So download 'aiContactSafe' now, and have some forms on your 'Joomla!' webpages in minutes.