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Peter Clements

byPeter Clements, November 8, 2006
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This does exactly what it says it does right out of the box! All you have to do is change your HTAccess file as per the instructions (uncomment a few lines of code that let's third party SEF components work with Joomla!) and you're away.

However, it also allows for further customisation, so URLs can be EXACTLY what you want them to be for each page, improving not only your site's exposure to search engines but also making things much more friendly for your visitors. Also helps to hide the fact that you are using Joomla! which you might want to do for security reasons.
byPeter Clements, June 7, 2006
I've been working with Joomla! for a few months now and have found many useful and impressive third party extensions but until now been too lazy/busy to leave a review. This module is fantastic and very powerful indeed. It really is the most impressive and potentially useful extension I've come across to date.

Please ignore previous reviews stating how complicated this module is. Within 5 minutes (literally) of downloading the core module and an example template (the horizontal suckerfish variant) I had a working dropdown menu system on my test site, working perfectly in both Firefox and MS Internet Exploder.

I found everything to be very simple and intuitive, you just need to take 5 minutes out of your day to read the "install" paragraph on the developer's website. The module, however, can get very complicated and in-depth by the looks of it, allowing you to use it as a very powerful and highly customisable tool on any Joomla! website, but to get started it really is very simple.

Highly recommended! I can see myself using this more and more in the future, it's going to be so very useful, no, essential!