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byPeter_Cogen, May 29, 2013
Yireo Piwik
Ideal solution if you want the power of Piwik reporting without the negative impact on PageSpeed or YSlow ratings of additional script calls.

As for EU regulations: This cookieless API solution collects more information than cookieless script calls.
byPeter_Cogen, March 3, 2013
Code 7 Responsive Slider
Excellent work !
Very easy to customize, and much more than just responsive in terms of size: The slider also very nicely responds to gestures on touch-screens.
I am in the process of adopting it across my site.
None of the commercial sliders I have tested comes even close.
byPeter_Cogen, July 28, 2011
Advanced Module Manager
I cannot add anything to the many enthusiastic reviews except a very personal statement...

I blame myself for not having discovered this gem earlier !

Peter's great extensions consistently turn Joomla's limitations into new creative design opportunities.
byPeter_Cogen, July 28, 2011
No hassle to install

Plus: intuitive admin interface
Plus: highly configurable
Plus: smart slide management
Plus: easy to customize
Plus: perfectly predictable behaviour

Smarter than some commercial components and certainly the best of the free options I evaluated

Thanks to the developers !
byPeter_Cogen, July 28, 2011
HOT Image Slider
Doesn't do an awful lot but does it (nearly) predictably and (quite) neatly.

Nearly : Had to scan the support forum and tweak the php for the background to appear correctly...

Quite : Seems to interfere with other modules, doesn't work with the modules anywhere plugin...

If you can live with the limitations, fits the bill for the occasional local slider.
byPeter_Cogen, June 21, 2011
Yireo SSL Redirection
Just one more review (if any doubt remained!) stating this is one of those perfect must-have extensions which really deserve to be part of the Joomla core.

Installs in seconds. Operates in seconds. Saves hours and hours of otherwise painful redirection efforts.
byPeter_Cogen, May 29, 2011
If "simple" means easy to install and to configure, unlike some other solutions...
If "simple" means very intuitive for the front-end user...
Then, yes this is a "simple" solution.
But it is beyond simple.
It's elegant and it's excellent.
byPeter_Cogen, November 25, 2010
Excellent component.
Easy to configure and style.
Plus: Excellent support.
One minor glitch submitted to the forum. Algis was very prompt to reply to each of my messages.
Highly recommended.
byPeter_Cogen, June 18, 2010
Does everything you expect an attachment manager to do, does it very well and sets up in minutes.

Outstanding job.
byPeter_Cogen, May 25, 2010
Phoca Download
Absolutely perfect...

After struggling with the commercial (!) version of Docman, free Phoca Download was a relief !