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byPhage, January 19, 2014
QuickSell File Seller
This extension does what the developer says it does. The provision of a download link on site and the options to send files/download links so easily are impressive.

I had some initial concerns about security (related to the absence of a component for reconciling price on the form with the price originally set) but despite extensive testing I could not get the app to send a file by hacking the form generated. However, PayPal payments still go through.

I would encourage the developer to provide documentation for the extension. Its use is intuitive so do not let this comment put anyone off buying.

While generating button code is effortless and easy the code is not stored in a database.

This is not big deal if you only sell one of two items but the facility to drop or increase the price and the change to automatically be shown on a webpage would be a much appreciated future update that I would pay for.

Super extension. The developer is also a patient civil person.
byPhage, December 12, 2013
Form Maker
It is rare to come across an extension like this! Works as described. Intuitive. And the demo version is adequate for most websites.

I tested the demo version and then purchased the full version for the convenience of PayPal forms, Google Maps and additional form fields.

There were no extension conflict issues and the extension and plugin required had minimal effect on server resources.
byPhage, December 11, 2013
Cookie Alert
This extension is easy to install and works as described. It is inexpensive.