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byPhilOSparta, April 11, 2014
This component does what it advertises. You get a user's list on the front end. The CSS file for the display is the only component control provided. The actual columns provided on the front end display are selected via the menu params when you are selecting the menu type. A minor problem is that if you select a page listing, the page selection for multiple pages is listed as 1234 etc. instead of 1 2 3 4. This is a good component which provides a quick way to provide a registered user listing.
byPhilOSparta, March 27, 2014
This is a nice component with supporting plugin. Although the documentation is poor, the support from the author was prompt and very helpful.
After enabling the plugin everything worked just as shown on the documentation web site.
One would expect a short tutorial on making adjustments and/or selections on the back end. It does show what the front end registration form looks like as provided upon installation. Fields can be adjusted, removed and added in the backend.

The front end is coupled to the standard User Registration and collects your specified additional profile info. The stock component provides a number of fields that are easily changed. The component allowed me to create new accounts and included all the required fields. Also, the standard Edit User Profile menu selection provided for editing the new user profile fields provided by this component. This provides the capability for currently registred users to change all their profile data on the front end.

I'm using this component to allow master gardeners the capability of selecting their graduation class year, continuing education preferences and other gardening experience categories.
byPhilOSparta, February 8, 2013
Spider Calendar
I purchased the pro version two months ago, and I've been pleased with its operation and the support provided by the developers. There are 11 sample themes which are all easily adjusted for customization.

When I suggested that the events displayed didn't have an AM/PM time selection, I was surprised to see in implemented in the next upgrade, eventhough the developer indicated that I could have it done for a fee.

Multiple calendars are supported out of the box. You can have one calendar for example teachers and one for students, another for janitors. etc.

There's one minor thing that it doesn't have which is standard with most modules. When saving events it has Save and Save & Close, but it doesn't have a Save & New. That causes an extra step when inputting multiple events to a calendar.

All in all, this is a great calendar.
byPhilOSparta, September 2, 2012
Nice job for a small shop. I had it set up with 8 items in short order. The PayPal interface worked well and there's not much to do once set up.
One draw back is that it only has product size and color. There could be a variable description field that would let you place your own item name and attributes.
Example: Pet -> Dog, Cat, Pony etc.

It's a nice start for a small shop.
byPhilOSparta, September 2, 2012
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Yes this is a high performance multi option E-Commerce extension, but if you don't need everything this package has to offer, think twice befor you load it and try it out. The tribulations come when you start to un-install it. When you uninstall the component, you may expect the whole package to ununatall. Not true. There are over 50 plugins and modules that are still there that must be taken care of. It's these "under the hood" things that show a little technical oversight.
byPhilOSparta, October 14, 2011
Facebook Like Button
The installation of ver. 1.3.1 on a Joomla 1.7.0 site went without a hitch. Documentation is adequate and the user interface is adequate. When the Facebook site URL was loaded and tested, there was an error from FB. The module has /pages/ hard coded into the creation of the URL. Example: was coded: That is clearly an error. I've corrected the code in the module by deleting the /pages/ from the URL construction and everything worked well.

I then tried the ver BETA 1.4 and got an installation error that the system couldn't read the XML file. Clearly, both versions need some work.
Owner's reply

About v.1.3:
When I began developing this module, should I only use it for a page on facebook and have not thought about that it could be used for anything other than that.

I'm sorry about the problem with 1.4 BETA! But it was only a problem for 3-4 days, before it was reported and a new version was uploaded.

Btw. 1.4 is nearly ready for a stable release with HTML 5 support, SEF Support, and totally re-design!

Sorry for your wasted time on the module.

byPhilOSparta, May 22, 2011
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Reset Hits
This is an admin module that loaded easily in J1.6.3 and reset all my articles without a problem.
It resets all hit counters at once to zero. There is no option to select a single article for reset.

This module is most useful for when you have completed the development of a site and you want a fresh reset of all hit counters prior to going live.
Another use would be to do a monthly or yearly hit count reset. No need to go into the database.
Nice module.