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Nice PayPal Downloads
Nice Paypal Downloads (NPD) was my second choice, but I wish it had been my first. My first choice was Documents Seller, because of its lower cost and its many positive reviews. Documents Seller includes many options, but they’re harder to figure out for a Joomla beginner, such as me. Moreover, the only way to tweak parts of Docs Seller, such as removing some of the titles in the list of items for download, is to fiddle with the code in the CSS files.

It wasn’t working for me, so I swallowed hard and paid the higher cost for NPD, mainly because of the simplicity of its tagging system, which allows you to put the Paypal button anywhere you want instead of in a predesigned page created by the extension. NPD’s greater flexibility and ease-of-use have helped me finish building my website in short order. I should add that the questions I posed on NPD’s support forum were answered promptly and exhaustively.

I wish NPD were cheaper, but I can attest to the accuracy of the official description of NPD on the Joomla Extensions page for that product.