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byPhilidia, May 2, 2014
ARRA Articles
This addon is really cool. It has 11 different layouts, and is supporting Easyblog. That's a good point if you use it, because the amount of module displaying Easyblog's articles in a different way than the component itself is pretty small.

It's also very flexible. You can change almost everything on the module config.

Tried it on Joomla 2.5/3.0. Got some bugs on 3.0, but the support was really fast and reactive. They're also very kind. It's another good point :)

Last point, it's not expensive. I think the price is more than correct that kind of extension.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review. We did all this with your full cooperation so 5 stars for you as customer too!

byPhilidia, June 12, 2013
Universal AJAX Live Search
I love the way it shows results. works fine with Easyblog, and shows images & results properly. I also like the fact i can force the module to search only on Easyblog, and not on joomla's content.

However ! If you need the plugin to make it works on Easyblog, you must download it from stackideas website (People who made Easyblog). You'll not find it on offlajn's website, and it can be confusing.
byPhilidia, June 12, 2013
Improved AJAX Login & Register
It's just what i would !

This module is really well done, and the support is really awesome, they helped me to display avatars from community builder and to center the module, and they answer really fast !
byPhilidia, September 7, 2012
Kide Shoutbox Lite
It's simple, easy to install and configure, and works fine. Pro version isn't expansive, it's a really good thing.

But, I would add some suggestions :
- How about multiple instance/chan ? I would use more than 1 box on my website, and not on the same chan. I don't know if it is possible. Didn't find anything on the forum about this, so, I think it isn't. And i'm not sure making a second install would be a great idea =P
- Disabling smileys didn't work on my website. Don't know why. But if disabled, I would remove the button above list of users
- With dark template, I don't have border on the chat, list of users, and text area, if the chat is on a popup.

Rest is ok. Really good extension !
byPhilidia, August 29, 2012
Event Booking
This component is really easy to understand, and allows a lot of customization. I can't even count how many options you can change. Happy to pay for a really good extension.

Probably my favorite extension.
byPhilidia, August 28, 2012
Universal AjaxChat
50$ for this extension. And it is nothing more than a basic chatbox, and obviously, no refund.

- You can't disable sounds by default
- You can't disable [img] for all users
- You must delete messages 1 per 1 (Useful if someone is flooding)
- You can't disable system messages
- Incomplete translation
- Doesn't support specials characters on room's name
- No logs/history of the chat

When i tried the demo, i really thought it was possible since it's a commercial extension, but it isn't. How is it possible to make a commercial extension without any basic options ? No backend on the demo, you can't see which options are available since there is only 1 pic about them.
I seriously can't believe I spend 50$ on this. It's just a scam.

Don't buy it, seriously.
Owner's reply

No, UAC can not make coffee for you
but yes, he Contains a parameter in configuration to:
-Mute the chat
-Purge all messages from the chat or deleting one by one
-disable system messages ...
-UAC Contains mainly two interface, the chat interface and the logs interface

Yes there is no setting to disable sending images because this functionality is required on any chat software and there is always a method to disable in UAC certain features by editing 2 config file without even having technical knowledge.

You have paid a support subscription at 21h:34 you sent me a request for refund at 22h:49. without even saying why!!!!

How you managed to dissect the functions of a component like this, read the documentation, do your tests, then compare Universal AjaxChat Eventbooking!!!??? and understand that the component does not worth the money in 1 hour? and directly ask for refund

You posted this comment before your second email where you asked for support, and you had the answer to all your questions directly in no time.

Open source are basic and generic software developed to facilitate our dev but are not custom software conteins the answer to all our problems

Note: I do not sell the software but I sell my time dedicated to provide you support and answer your mails.