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byPhillipsBrown, April 23, 2012
Documents Seller
I've been using Document Seller for 6 months now on one of our sites...

We've already made 8x what the component cost - which is why we bought the component in the first place so I'm very happy indeed.

I'm a bit of a tweaker and like to alter layouts etc, and when I've come across a problem - Tuan and the guys have helped me out the same day.

It was the most feature rich component for our document shop and it hasn't let us down...
byPhillipsBrown, June 12, 2009
WordPress Blog for Joomla!
When I write reviews for components, it's either because I've had a terrible experience, or a fantastic one.... In this case it was the latter.

Wordpress / Wordpress MU is probably the most complicated bridge ever created for joomla - i've used quite a few myself, and nothing matches the scale of this - the developer must be an inspired coder to have made this work.

This component let's you actually use wordpress or wordpress MU inside joomla - the full wordpress.... the worlds best blogging platfrom pretty much with all the features intact.

I do have to say that if I my knowledge were as it was 2/3 years ago, I would have fallen flat on my face and would probably be writing a complaining review instead.

I've got lots of experience with joomla and I've got basic css/html/wordpress - and to get the most out of this component - you need it.

The basic themes that work out of the box are very basic - there is a video showing you the methods involved in modifying a template, but again you need quite a lot of knowledge of php/html to translate what they're telling you for the template you've chosen.

I've spent probably 8 hours getting the wordpress template to match the joomla template, and it was a tough job - but it does look fantastic now.

The reasons for it being tough are as follows;

Wordpress templates are made by lots of different people - each template can include javascripts, use ccs selectors that are already in use in your template, contain backlinks and just contain bad code that might not look right in your browser.

There's no way the developers can possibly help people modify templates for free, it's far too complicated, they probably can't even modify them and re-release them due to the 'permissions from the creators' issue.

I've got a joomla site with 3 wordpress blogs working and looking perfect - It's taken quite a lot of work getting it to look spot on (I am a bit of a perfectionist though) and I'm very happy with the result - I can't thank the developers enough - my favourite joomla component by a huge margin!

Tony Brown.
byPhillipsBrown, May 14, 2007
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MaQma Helpdesk
I bought this component a month and a half ago - and got it up and running in it's basic form.

Trouble is, some of the modules don't work correctly (the latest articles in the knowledgebase for instanse - very important to us).

I submitted a support call and set the priority to urgent (10 days - very slow).

After 2 weeks I hadn't had a response, so I added to the ticket asking for an update.

It's now 5 weeks later, and I've got no response.

This is one of the more expensive components (my version cost me £120) so the lack of support is not just completely unacceptable but also makes this component unusable in a corporate environment.