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byPierreB, November 26, 2012
Search by Tag
I've been using this extension for some time now and can't believe it hasn't received any reviews, so let me be the first.

For those who seek to give their articles a "tag-like" function, this is probably their best bet.

It actually functions like Joomla search, but it offers options for setting how to find matching results (in contrast with other similar extension which make this decision for you), with stricter of wider matching criteria, thereby allowing the administrator to narrow or widen the search results.

It integrates well with the styling of my site and it functions without conflicts.

For me it has also solved another problem I had with similar extensions.
I have Disqus comments for my site and these other extensions would display the "tags" BELOW the comments, even though they were loaded before Disqus comments in Plugin Manager.
SearchTag Advanced is the only one which actually displays the tags above the comments.

No complaints, but I would like to have the option to set some styling from within the plugin parameters.
Also on some articles, cannot find a reason why this happens and on what basis, the tags extend beyond the article space.
byPierreB, November 21, 2012
This is one of those extensions that was really missing before it was released.
It has various display options, easy styling, uncomplicated syntax and it's also fast rendering in the page (it feels faster than AllVideos).

It is also actively supported. As a non-commercial user, I contacted the developer on some occasions to suggest future features and ask for support. He replied quickly and meaningfully paying attention to all requests.

It has now become my main video extension.
Highly recommended.
byPierreB, May 27, 2012
FJ Related Articles Plus
This one of those rare gems that does whatever it is you want to do and more as well as better.

I've loved this for Joomla, but I would be ecstatic to see it support K2 as well.
Related Content for K2
This is a great extension, works as expected.

There are a few features I am desperately looking for, however, but I cannot find an extension that supports them for K2.

1) show articles that have a minimum number of matching keywords
2) sort articles by number of matching keywords/tags
3) exclude selected tags from being included in the search for matches
4) Display items based on selected categories (not just same item category)
byPierreB, February 4, 2012
Article PXFont Size
I had been looking for a plugin of this sort, to apply font-size changes solely to articles, instead of modules working for the entire page and template-embedded settings which also did not limit changes to article content.

I've just started trying it out and I have noticed something which is not a bug, rather it must have escaped attention:

- When one uses Blockquotes in an article, the size of the given text is increased to distinguish between the quote and the rest of the text.
When this plugin is enabled and one clicks on middle button to restore original font-size, the size of text in the Blockquote becomes equal to that of the rest of the text.

Now this is not terribly upsetting, but it does mess with the formatting of the text by the editor (I use JCE).
It would be nice if this was taken into consideration.

Another thing also:
- Would it be possible to include settings to alter the positioning of the font-changer?
1) to include parameters to place it up or down, left or right, upper-left/right lower-right/left or both up and down

2) To place it, if possible, at the same height with the social bookmarking icons, which are placed higher than the font-changer in my template.
Right now, the font-changer just pushes the text further down... would be nice to have the social bookmarking icons and the font-changer aligned horizontally (e.g. I use the valaddthis plugin)

Forgot to say I love the included button colours, the red fits perfectly with my template.

Owner's reply

First: Very thanks for your review.

1) The Blockquote font size: -When you press the reset button, the plugin sets the size "initial font

size" (Plugin Parameters). I understand the problem. I will study the best way to solve it.

2) "It does mess with the formatting of the text by the editor". I do not understand. Article PXFont

Size is a plugin that modifies only the font size style (inline).

3) "Alter the positioning". It is possible, but would have to create many templates or create inline

styles. I will study but I can't promise.

4) "social bookmarking icons". Perhaps in the next version, I add icons to share on social networks.

byPierreB, February 4, 2012
This is the very best, by far, of all relevant extensions.
This along with the help of a separate tags extension have saved me from moving to an independent CCK extension, which to my mind would only cause me trouble.

This is so indispensable that it should become part of the core Joomla extensions...

The article generation process is the one that has lagged behind in Joomla, like hdd were slowing down PCs, and this extension, part of the core or not, allows it to make leaps of progress.

It is so versatile I can only call it thoughtful of writers' needs.

I really wish it would be updated to work without any issues with Joomla 2.5

I've been facing two problems:

1) The Slimbox popup is broken for me, it will lead me to a new page with just the image, but the strange thing is that if I click back then it works, but only on second try on all articles, so I can't really use it

2) I can't get the image description to appear with Slimbox on the popup underneath the image, no matter what setting I try.

I really do like the Slimbox engine cause it is so much lighter than the rest and more neutral.

Small issues with a couple of other popup engines (like the image description not showing in full, falling behind the image)....really just small polishing that might need to be done to make for an absolutely perfect extension (I recognize in full the efforts of the developer here, not trying to undermine the amount of work put in already or needed)
byPierreB, November 13, 2011
Ultimate Feed Display
I can't speak highly enough of this extension.

I have been installing and trying all sorts of feed extensions and I had quite serious issues with most, mainly concerning lack of versatility and options as well as performance impact (very important)

I really liked the demo of this extension and gave it a try and I am happy to report I have found the main solution to not only one but more of my needs.

First of all, its performance is amazing...I couldn't believe it could fill a whole page with article feeds without negatively impacting page load times. I believe other feed-extension developers can learn from Ultimate feed display.

Secondly, the default styling is great, it fit great in my site.

Thirdly, this is something that sets it apart, it is great in getting youtube feeds and displaying them like articles. The fact that on click the videos are loaded in a jquery popup (also loads amazingly fast) without the visitor leaving your site is a very nice touch.

It has actually saved me the trouble and money of getting a youtube channel extension, and pasting video id or link after video id/link. With this extension, I get the similar functionality but better, more article-like appearance.

Great Work!

Nothing bad to say.

What I would propose for future releases is
a) adding support for other video streaming sites (actually I haven't tested to see if this works yet)
b) Incorporating a pagination functionality, to be able to load many items, while still controlling the length of the webpage.
The developer said it can be done and will be implementing this feature in versions to come, so I am very optimistic.

I don't buy joomla extensions in general, there are so many great free ones that a person is made to doubt whether such investment is worth it.
I can happily say it was definitely worth buying this extension. Finding software that exceeds expectations is not an every day thing...

In addition to everything else, support is prompt and effective and the module is actively developed and improved. I have witnessed two new versions while being a few days customer and there was nothing wrong with the previous versions on my site.

Keep it up Mr Zgouletas!
Owner's reply

Thanks for this great review. The truth is that I have worked hard. Pagination is supported also from 1.3.17+ upgrade to have all latest fixes and features!

byPierreB, May 3, 2011
Admin Tools
This is a great all-in-one, well integrated extension with very useful and easy-to-use features.

My favorites are:
- Updating Joomla with such ease with the option of also using FTP
- Administrator's login protection
- Repairing/Optimizing databases
- Setting files/folders' permissions

What I don't like, which isn't a great deal really especially taking into account it general usefulness, is the fact it it inserts code into the .htaccess file, that "## EOMBAK - Do not remove this line or this file" line.

I don't know if the FREE version of the extension actually makes use if it really or if it used only with regard to some special option, but I generally don't like the messing with Joomla core files; it shouldn't happen, especially if the utility of such action is not present.
Moreover, I somehow ended up with three such lines of "## EOMBAK - Do not remove this line or this file" in my .htaccess file.

Another thing I have come to value in Joomla extensions is the effectiveness of their uninstallation. If I choose to uninstall an extension, I don't want anything staying behind, because then it is just garbage I don't need to have.
I uninstalled Admin Tools (while looking for a solution to a problem I had) and the database entries were maintained along with two folders and two files in the Joomla directory.

Large benefits, small disadvantages, yet right now I am looking to replace it with a simple admin login protection extension, while other features offered (of those that I personally use, that is) are not difficult tasks for me to accomplish, even though not as easy and fast as with this extension...

I've just grown to value extensions that "keep to their own"...
...of course this may be choice one has to make when opting for a do-it-all extension...

Great product overall, and it is important that it is actively supported and regularly updated. It certainly makes the user feel more secure and comfortable.
Owner's reply

Thank you about your positive comments! However, there are two points in your review that I need to comment on:

1. The EOMBAK comment is added IF AND ONLY IF you use the Emergency Off-Line Mode. As the name suggests, it should only be used in case of emergency, i.e. when you suspect that someone besides you is accessing your site's back-end or when you've identified a vulnerability in your site. As we explicitly note at the very top of that feature's page, it is imperative that you read the documentation to understand how it works. It works by swapping your .htaccess file with another one which blocks all IPs except yours. Please do read the documentation and the warnings printed on the page being displayed on your browser. Both are there for a reason.

2. Admin Tools is supposed to uninstalled cleanly. If you ran into an uninstallation issue, please report it to our free support forum, including the names of the tables and files that were left behind. Remember: a bug not reported is a bug not fixed. It's not like we entertain ourselves by putting bugs in our software on purpose ;) Report it and it will be fixed within minutes or -in the case of very pesky bugs- hours. That's our bug squashing policy!

byPierreB, February 21, 2011
I had been a user of Simple Image Gallery plugin for some time, but as I grew more confident as a Joomla user I needed more control and better performance - plus the reliability of an actively developed gallery plugin - so I went out looking for an alternative.

My research led me to 2-3 plugins that stood out form the rest for their extensive documentation, plethora of options, paired with user friendly configuration.
As I tested them on my local installation first and then on my website, sigplus soon arose as a dominant option. The features that I like best are:

- Its performance. For some reason, thumbnails load faster with sigplus, notwithstanding whether mootools or jquery engine is chosen.

- Its slightly modified version of Slimbox. The developer has made the popup engine more "international" by replacing the hardcoded buttons/pictures for "Next", "Previous", "Close" with discrete and aesthetically pleasing buttons with no text. This is a great improvement in user experience for non-english websites.

- The plentiful popup styles.

- The ability to define the tags that trigger sigplus! Many gallery extensions out there use {gallery}, which can cause problems some times, if more than one such plugins are installed, which is not that uncommon. Even during the testing/selection process, this proved to be very handy.

- The various options for the handling of javascript, like loading the local copy or using CDN.

I did however come across some issue, with code being displayed below the loaded image popup with Slimbox for mootools.
I was tentative contacting the developer since there did not seem to be a very explicit/formal way to get support. So I emailed him explaining the problem, being careful to frame the communication as a "bug report" instead of asking for help or a fix.

I was blown away by the response I got, the involvement and the time spent by the developer to address my problem.
He was very quick to locate the issue and propose fixes...but I did not make it easy for him with my lacking reporting and manual errors.
Then he took control and fixed the issue himself on my site in the blink of an eye. He even proposed to address some other javascript errors on my site!
That's the mark of great sense of responsibility and good will, which is totally obliging.

In short, the support was mind-blowing. Even if this was a commercial plugin or paid support, I could not expect it to be more high quality, effective and prompt.

I will surely be donating to the project, because it is very deserving.

If I had a request, it would be to include "Shadowbox" as a popup option; to my mind it has a very classy quality, very fitting for some particular uses.
I don't know if is within the scope of the project to add support for flickr and picasa. Personally I use a gallery component with such functionality for hosting a large collection of photos broken into categories. It would definitely turn into a complete solution, but it's certainly not an omission.
Owner's reply

Offering more pop-up window engines that are compatible with the sigplus lightbox scheme is on the agenda but without compromising the compactness or the ease of use of the extension. Though not yet decided, future versions of sigplus will probably ship with a certain set of pop-up window engines and provide a single-click installation of other engines. Similarly, integration with flickr and picasa is a planned feature but might affect the current design of the extension, and needs further consideration on our part.

byPierreB, December 10, 2010
EasyCalcCheck PLUS
This is the perfect solution for anyone's anti-spam needs.

I was looking for a spam detector that would be effective, discrete in display, localized, and user-friendly (both for frontend and backend)

This extension fits all criteria. I don't like extravagant solutions, they don't match with a professional-looking website, and I dislike methods that are likely to be failed by users when utilizing the relative forms.
I run a greek website and it looks weird having adapted everything in the website, even urls, to to a greek target audience and have a verification system with distorted english words.

The solution provided by EasyCalcChecker Plus fits all the above criteria. On top of that, it is very versatile, supporting many different methods and services of spam prevention to choose from.

After install it was ready and up and running immediately. No hassling with setting and trial/error configuration. The extension is highly configurable and with straightforward settings, even for one who possesses no knowledge on the subject.

Another thing that sets it apart is the support it gets. I had one trouble with the "hidden field" showing up in my website, where I have the Global Cache option enabled.
The author responded immediately with a working solution, and responded to my questions very quickly.

There is nothing missing from this extension and it has the support needed to get it even further when other setting are needed in the future.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for the detailed review!

byPierreB, November 12, 2010
One of the best, most straightforward extensions I have installed.
Does the job perfectly, as set and is very easy to set up.

The Kunena Extension for XMap, sadly does not operate well.
byPierreB, November 8, 2010
Phoca Gallery Image
This is a great addon to the Phoca Gallery Component.

it displays a single or a number of random images from the galleries that you choose in a module. Lots of options are also provided for the popup box to display large thumbnails.

A great functional and cosmetic addon to my Joomla site.

Phoca has become my "one stop shop" for joomla software. Jan has provided the Joomla community with an "encyclopaedic oeuvre" and all around extension.
Deserves recognition
byPierreB, November 8, 2010
Phoca Guestbook
Looked around quite a bit for a Guestbook extension, tried the demos and I am happy I went with Phoca Guestbook.

The options provided are many but intuitive and the Guestbook looks great in the front-end.

The software has also been translated in many languages, so one is very likely to find his own.

Great looking, Easy to set up, Great work!
byPierreB, November 8, 2010
Phoca Gallery
This is the best gallery extension that one is likely to find for Joomla and it's free!

It is a great component with many, many options that allow you to configure it the way you want it to work and display.
Because it has so many options, it is mandatory that one reads the documentation carefully to get the combination right.
One is not likely to have one's gallery up and running in 5 minutes from installing the component. This is a large piece of software and one must know how the options are interrelated. Once it has been properly set up, though, it will work great for both back-end and front-end.
Pair it with "Phoca Gallery Button" or " Phoca Gallery Slideshow" and you get the easiest way of adding images to your articles with lots of options.

A lot of work has been put into this and user feedback and requests have obviously been implemented.

The developer certainly deserves recognition and support for all his hard work.
byPierreB, October 27, 2010
The extension is great, it has a lot of options, yet it is very straightforward to set it to your liking. Also supports different languages "out of the box".
It works and displays just set it once without having to revisit.

It would be nice if the tooltips were translated too but this has to do with AddIn, not the creator's work
Owner's reply

Hi PierreB and thanks for the vote!

Actually you can have a user-defined text in place of "Send to" in the tooltips of the service icons (AddThis toolbox), as of version 1.3.0 of the plugin.

byPierreB, October 15, 2010
I am writing to report some issues I am having with Mad4Joomla Mailforms form-component

1) the textboxes extend beyond the designated area (into/underneath the right joomla menu module) and beyond the form's template width, as set in the configuration
2) the Balloon tips are not positioned properly in the latest edition of Chrome and in IE8. They appear a few centimeters above the question-mark (they work fine with FF3.6.10)
3) The calendar pop-up box doesn't work in latest Chrome and IE8 (it works fine in FF3.6.10). No pop up at all is presented
4) when cliking the reload captcha button, the whole form is reloaded, emptying the completed fields.

Apart from the above, this is an easy to work with and it produces great looking forms.
Owner's reply

Thank you for this review.
First of all we want to state out that almost all of these issues are based on the Joomla template and misapplication of the software.

1.) PierreB hasn't set a width value for the fields. By Setting a value like 250px or 99% this issue doesn't appear.

2.) We answer this in our FAQ. PierreB must not have read the FAQ's. The balloon tip of Mad4Joomla is based on a 3rd party script. This script does have problems with complex templates. This is why we have changed this script in the pro version Proforms and wrote a new script from scratch.
If you have problems like this we suggest purchasing a subscription of Proforms.

3.) Also the calendar popup is a 3rd party script. The problem is that this script is often used by other extensions and also by Joomla itself. This can cause some issues. There are also some templates causing this issue.

4.) We don't know from this issue and are going to check it out.

All of this issues could have been solved if PierreB has had a service subscription.

Mad4Joomla is "free as in beer" and we ask you to understand and respect that we don't provide tech support for this component.

By purchasing a subscription of the pro version Mooj Proforms you will get a much improved Mad4Joomla, tech support and will support the whole Mad4Joomla Project.

For public interests: We are planing to transform Mad4Joomla into Proforms Light and hoping thereby to purge such issues.