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Pieter van der Merwe

byPieter van der Merwe, February 19, 2014
ARI Quiz
When you are 70 years and a bit old you need a lot of assistance when tackling a new computer programme. This was exactly what I got every time I got stuck. This happened within minutes after I had posed a question. And best of all, no one sniggered at my stupidity.
The programme matches the quality of the after sales service in every respect. Everything is 5-star quality.
- Pieter
byPieter van der Merwe, December 11, 2013
I have always judged a product by the quality of the after-sales service. The developer has always responded to my queries in double-quick time. This is important as I find the documentation a bit sketchy, but hopefully it will be improved to match the quality of the programme and the back-up service.