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byPithecanthropus, October 20, 2014
Store for K2
I've used ZenCart, VirtueMart, and tried to wade my way through HikaShop, none of them holds a candle to K2Store. It's super easy to set-up, bug free, and the Pro version gives you detailed reports so you (and your clients) can keep up-to-date on your customers and sales.

If you're on the fence, wondering which eCommerce solution is right for you, try K2Store, you will not be disappointed.
byPithecanthropus, October 11, 2014
Png for K2 items
Hooray! The white borders are gone around all my images! K2 should implement this plugin as standard operating procedure.
byPithecanthropus, October 5, 2014
The HTML editor seems to have but two color: blue and red. Not very handy for complex markup.
byPithecanthropus, March 5, 2014
It does so much and it makes organizing a web site with a lot of articles really easy.

Set up is a bit of a pain, however, especially if you're importing a large number of articles. Every image has to be removed and replaced and that takes a lot of time. And then, if you change something in your layout, say decreasing the image sizes by 20px, you have to do it all over again: delete and replace.

If there was a way to get around that issue, this system would be perfect.
Owner's reply

Actually there is. For imported articles from Joomla!, you can use the IAKI plugin (a featured K2 extension in which makes the first image of your content a K2 image. So in such a case, you really don't need to manually import your images as K2 images, this plugin does everything for you and it respects the image dimensions as set in your K2 categories. As for what happens when you need to change your K2 image settings inside category parameters, well, the answer is simple: K2 will keep the existing images and HTML resize them to the new dimensions. If these dimension changes are less than 50px upwards, then the effect on image quality is nearly unnoticeable. If you need to change the dimensions more, then simply swap your image settings to use the next bigger dimension. So, e.g. if you used the "Medium" dimension setting in your K2 Category listings, swap to "Large" and let K2 HTML resize them downwards. The result will be what you need.

byPithecanthropus, March 5, 2014
Works like a charm! This should be part of Joomla's core system.
byPithecanthropus, March 17, 2013
Sexy Countdown Timer
Installed into a 2.5 site and everything works just fine. It's VERY easy to style and does just what it's advertised to do. It's worth the $10!
byPithecanthropus, September 8, 2010
JoomLine mp3 player
This extension is very easy to use, simple to set up and easily customizable.

My only complaint is this: I have four albums in my band's discography and a player set up for each one on a different page, but when you click "NEW WINDOW" it always opens up album #4 regardless of which album page you are on.
byPithecanthropus, March 23, 2010
I found Breezing Forms to be very easy to use, and it makes beautiful forms. I needed to make a multi-page form, and Breezing Forms did it without any fuss.

My only complaint is that new pages don't scroll to the top of the page, nor is there any way I have found to do that. That's a small thing in such a great extension.
Owner's reply


if you have very long multipage forms and need the page to flip on top, this might be your solution:

Many thanks for the review!


byPithecanthropus, March 3, 2010
Phoca Gallery
It's a little clunky to get going, but once you have everything set up it creates beautiful and easy to navigate photo galleries.

In the world of Components, Modules and Plug-ins, Phoca equals quality.
byPithecanthropus, March 3, 2010
In my business I use a lot of shorthand, it's a lot easier to type three letters instead of 16. ReReplacer takes my three letter code and displays it as the full 16-letter text everywhere on my web site.

A must have!
byPithecanthropus, March 3, 2010
Makes Joomla much easier to deal with and much more user friendly. It is highly configurable, which is a great feature.

My only complaint is with the image browser. ALL images MUST be in the "Stories" folder and you can't navigate out to the "Images" folder. A small quibble, I know, but it's annoying.
byPithecanthropus, March 2, 2010
Nice Social Bookmark
Does exactly what I wanted it to do with absolutely no fuss. Highly recommended.
byPithecanthropus, December 30, 2009
Find Us On Facebook
Does exactly what it says it does in a very simple manner. Thanks for the great extension!