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byPlaneCDR, May 25, 2012
JomFacebookChat +Plus
I just installed this on my site and had an issue with a site setting. Tech support responded quickly and everything is running great.

I used to use CometChat, but it didn't work with my iOS devices. The chat bar was also fixed and scrolled with the text, often blocking content. Now, the chat bar stays right where it is supposed to be and everything works very well.
byPlaneCDR, April 25, 2011
For the last year I have endeavored to start my own niche community. I began with Boonex Dolphin 7 and it turned out to be incredibly buggy. The forum software included with Dolphin was not very good either, so I was forced into a number of core system hacks to integrate phpBB3. Ultimately, it became a huge exercise in patience just to add maintenance patches. The entire site finally crashed on a holiday weekend.

I restarted with phpFox, which was significantly better. Members can be pretty finicky though, a lesson I learned with the previous setup. Based on user requests I ultimately added WordPress for blogging and vBulletin for the forum. Though it again required core file changes to phpFox the site is still running. I have problems with performance and the bridges used to create linkages between the software are not consistently reliable. Though the members are trucking along with this site, I still felt there had to be a better way.

That is when I discovered Joomla and Jomsocial 2.2. They form the hub of my new social networking site Reasoned Spirituality ( I added EasyBlog for advanced member blogging and the free forum Kunena. Once I overcame the steep Joomla learning curve, I have to admit that this setup is wonderful. One login for all areas of the site and no core hacks. Everything plays nicely together and the site runs much quicker and more efficiently than the other setups.

Of all the components, I really appreciate the power of Jomsocial. It works extremely well with the three templates I tried and integrates nicely with components. I highly recommend Jomsocial as part of a complete social networking site.