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byPlanetN, March 28, 2010
Starting a health information site geared for the general public, including adolescents has its challenges - one of the big ones being vocabulary.

I had started my own text copy but fortunately hadn't gotten very far before someone on the Joomla! forums sent me a link to this Glossary.

Thank goodness! There are some minor cosmetic changes I'd like to see, personally, but they are not functional issues, and I love that it scans the whole site and automatically picks up on any of your entered words, plus being able to add different glossaries has been helpful. I have one for specifically medical terms, one for abbreviations, and so on.

A little tedious to enter everything, as soon as you save an entry it goes back out to the menu instead of giving you an option to enter another, but I'm hoping that will be the next update. Headed over to the developer's site to suggest it right now!
byPlanetN, March 28, 2010
Phoca Favicon
As a complete newbie to Joomla! and anything more complicated than your old drag and drop homepage, a favicon was the LAST thing I was worried about adding to my new professional website.

While browsing extensions to get an idea of what capabilities were available, I came across Phoca Favicon. The write up said it was simple, and the reviews were good, so I decided to give it a try.

It was simple, quick, easy to use, and immediately put me notches above the rest of the sites out there with their canned tab icons!

This is a simple but very effective business web strategy that could easily be overlooked if someone does not have the knowledge to implement a simple icon. Thank you for making it so easy!