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byPlugje, August 26, 2012
Nobody submit a review for this excelent plugin, so let me be the first one.
With some knowledge of css this plugin is perfect to make your layout look great. One of the less nice things from K2 and the default Joomla content is that you always have to make your intro text the same amount of lines in every article. With this plugin you don't have to, it lines out the Read More button perfect.
When your component or module have already classes which you want to make the same hight you only have to add this to the plugin.
The popup in the plugin could be more clear. To put in a div you have to add "div" before to let it work. So "article-header" will not work, it has to be "div.article-header"
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for the review Plugje! We really appreciate it.

We have improved the documentation with examples to clarify plugin configuration.

You are not forced to use div part in div.article-header but you have to use the class identifier .article-header (not article-header).

We do not automatically add the dot before the CSS identifiers to allow the use of complex identifiers that do not start with dot. For example: #componen-center-middle .equalize

Thanks again for the review and the feedback. Your comments improved the plugin ;)

byPlugje, June 5, 2012
EU e-Privacy Directive
This is a great plugin! The most popular plugin didn't work on none of my sites, this one works perfect. There was a small problem with the language cookie and Michael fixed that in a few hours. Also the fact that it works with language files for the text makes it very easy to use it for a multi-language site. And last but not least: this is the only non-commercial cookie plugin at this moment.
Owner's reply

Bug reports work! This is a prime example of a user who had a configuration that I hadn't tested. Once the report was made, I set out to fix it straight away. Thanks for the great review!