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byPotus001, November 12, 2012
EZ Realty
Recently upgraded from the J1.5 version of EZ Realty to J2.5 and found the product excellent.
Later discovered that some of features, such as the ability of the client to add new countries and/or new states was omitted.
Although this was initially promised with 1 or 2 weeks, later told that it would not be implemented until the J3.0 version was ready.
For my purposes, this makes the product unusable.
Kathy had now suspended my account.
Owner's reply

The review by this particular customer is NOT about EZ Realty.

The client demanded that features scheduled for inclusion in the Joomla 3.0x version of EZ Portal (a completely different component) be moved forward because he wasn't willing to wait. I custom coded the most important for him at no cost - however he became abusive and threatening towards me when I was unable to all of it due to pressing support needs by other customers. He was warned that his behavior would result in support being suspended as per the TOS - but he continued with his abuse and indifference to the needs of other customers, and threatened me with a bad review about EZ Realty if I didn't capitulate to his demands.

This client still has an active account and full access to the downloads - so the claim that his account has been suspended is false.