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byPoultsy, August 29, 2009
I really like what JW is trying to do with K2, and I like the way it integrates so many different options into one package. However I see a few problems that really need to be addressed.

1. I set the comments section to "registered only", which is what I wanted...but only for posting comments. But now they are completely invisible to guests, which I didn't want.

2. You can enable article voting...but there is no way to organize or display your articles by the results of those votes. I was hoping to display the best rated articles in a module, but cannot find one that works with K2.

3. I've posted 4 or 5 different questions on the forum in the past week or so and have yet to be answered or even acknowledged once.

When using K2, you have to abandon pretty much all other 3rd party Components, Modules and Plugins, and I understood that going in, but I'd really like it if the developer would at least acknowledge the previously mentioned concerns of mine as I'm pretty much at his mercy. All of the work I've done so far I'm not able to export the articles from case I have to go back to the regular Joomla! core.