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byPower4June, June 28, 2011
OSE Anti-Hacker™ for Joomla!
The name Open Source Excellence certainly lives up to its name. Once installed it is a dream to use and gives you the knowledge that your site, or sites, are secure. I actually chose the Security Suite, with the Anti Hacker and Anti Virus +++, worth every penny.

The ease with which you can extend this product to all of your websites sitting on the same server is brilliant.

The support from Open Source Excellence was incredible, as my needs were great! I was most definitely floundering, with where to add code and find certain files, and they picked me up brushed me down and sorted it all out for me so that I now have the very best security by the very best support giving me peace of mind regarding the security of my sites.

Having first hand experience recently of the devastation caused by hackers with a website - not my own - being held on another server - which I help maintain - I wanted to make sure my server and the sites on it were very secure.

A very professional product from a very professional team and a great big thanks from me!