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byPrivate6, December 26, 2013
BT Content Slider
What a great way to show content.

I was looking for a content slider that was free and could customize a lot of things. When I found BT Content Slider I was very happy that I finally found what I was looking for.

It's great that you can make sure there isn't to much text, it uses the image you have selected for the article which makes it easier. You can make it bigger or smaller, in how many items you want per row or column.

All in all it is just an amazing module that does the trick in the easiest way possible!
byPrivate6, October 11, 2013
Smart Slider 2
I really wish I could give this extension even more stars.

I've tried allot of extensions over the years and now with Joomla 3.0 allot has changed. A week ago I found Smart Slider 2. It looked amazing, like many extensions do. But in most cases you have to be a wizard to make something look as good as the example they gave when you bought it. In this case there was a video showing me I could do the same cool stuff they did on my own.

I love to make websites and picked a license for 5 websites. The price was normal, maybe even low if you think about all the work that has to go into such a project.

After a couple of hours playing with the slider I wanted to make the slider the width of the page. Problem was that my template wasn't made for this. I asked support (Roland) and he did a AMAZING job. He helped me fix everything and even recorded the steps so I could learn what to do next time I'm in this mess.

The best part about this is that the wait didn't take months, weeks, days (like I mostly get from paid extensions) but just a matter of MINUTES, indeed he just gave me support constantly. It was almost like a chatbox. Each little thing I wanted to change he just did it and asked if I was satisfied. (I did contact him during business hours, so don't think he will answer while he is sleeping, although maybe he will)

There is just no better slider on this market and especially not with this amount of support. I can just go on and on about this extension and Roland.

He made my day and the people I'm building the website for are going to be very happy.

Just take a look at the demo and you will see what is so great about this extension!
byPrivate6, November 19, 2012
VirtueMart offers allot of possibilities! This makes it a little bit harder to begin with.

But everything is hard in the beginning. I always have a period in my learning proces in which I want to throw my PC into a canyon.

But after a while you get the hang of it and try to experience more and more. If it's software or just study books, you just need to put some time and effort in it.

Most people here are like me, they have problems with the module or software, but don't want to look in the documentation of on the forums. Sadly most people like that begin to complain instead of looking for a solution. That's why I wanted to give a good rating for the hard work the guys of VirtueMart put into this software!

Keep up the good work guys!