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Akeeba Backup
Easy to use even for newbies like me!

I installed Akeeba Backup Core a few weeks on my main development site. I made a few backups which all reported as successful.

Today I installed another Joomla! extension which unfortunately didn't work as I had intended. Never mind, it's not a problem, it's an opportunity to try out Akeeba.

I used FileZilla to rename the directory, create a new directory with the original name, copy Kickstart and the latest backup file, and then run Kickstart.

I had made a lot of notes on database names etc but in the end this was unnecessary and KickStart did a great job and did it all. The website appears to be all back up and running.

Akeeba Backup is great for testing and development.

Documentation is first class and easy to understand. The author is great at communication - I bought a subscription of the Pro version and couldn't get it to download, Nicholas (the Author) was quick to reply and very helpful.

On this basis, I will shortly look about automated backups saving to the cloud for total piece of mind,

I have no connection with Akeeba Backup,apart from being a very happy customer.
byPrivateer, September 4, 2012
I am in the process of developing a Joomla website. Apart from backing up, security and the prevention of undesirables (i.e. spammers) registering and logging onto the website is my main concern. I knew of the StopForumSpam database and wanted a plug-in that could use it. SpambotCheck can use the StopForumSpam database as well as other databases.

The author is contactable and the project is very much alive. When I found some minor bugs the author was very quick to fix and bring out a new version. In fact the author also implemented some extra features that I requested very quickly. The current version (1.1.6) works very well.

Joomla administrators have the ability to set whether each user is checked only on registration or on registration and every login, for peace of mind I prefer (and recommend) to check on registration and every login. Normal users can register and login with no problem.

However spammers who have their details in one or more of the databases that SpambotCheck is configured to check (again set by the Joomla administrator) are prevented from registering and getting added to the user database of your site in the first place. Should a user be added to one of the spam databases after registering at your site then they will be caught next time that they login. A polite message (which Joomla administrator can customise to their own requirements) is issued depending on whether it's a registration or a login denial.

I have no connection with the author at all. Just a very happy/satisfied user of their plug-in.

This is an essential plug-in for any Joomla site to help the fight against spammers!