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byPsyche, July 11, 2011
I found the installation and configuration process extremely easy and smooth, and I can I say the same about its performance, for this extension is almost flawless.

However, I had some huge problems concerning the local settings and language, for the calendar would not display anything in my language, and since those items were generated by php it was quite useless translating the back-end language file.

As I was in a hurry, I solved the problem by adding some "setlocale" functions here and there, but I wonder if it would not be easier just to get these settings from J! so they could be used as a variable within this function?

The biggest problem, however, seems to be a conceptual one, because in the present state I think it only works for one calendar based on one person's schedule, since each calendar cannot have different sets of slots, and so unfortunatley it prevents work shifts and different individual scheduling. This is a shame, because other than than, and even considering the language problems, this could the best J! extension ever.

I also mention this because I think it is important for the development of this excellent extension!
Owner's reply

Hey thanks for the review Psyche,

I am addressing some of the areas that you mentioned as part of 2.1 development. Particularly around time and date for internationalization.

Thank you for your comments regarding the slots and times per calendar / schedule. I am in the process of moving this to reflect a more "multi-user" setup. This extension really grew out of our needs for a single calendar so obviously this is going to be a major change, but one that I am hoping will really help this extension to grow.

Thanks again for the constructive feed back.