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byPunya, July 4, 2014
iJoomla Surveys
I had an issue where I found that in "free text" peoples responses were being truncated and lost. There is a workaround for that but since then I have also had people tell me they have filled in surveys yet there is no sign of them when I check so I am now very wary of trusting this as a reliable product.
This is great when it works - neat display compared to others I looked at. Easy to tweak colours and even support for linking to social media.
Be warned if anything goes amiss you are in trouble! It worked on my test site but when I put it on the live site it wouldn't function - worse still on removing it the entire website was broken. So do heed the warning that the developer has abandoned this before you use it.
byPunya, September 12, 2013
KaozDesigns Password Swapper
I had been looking for a way to log in as a user to help with admin support. All other products I looked at said they worked by letting you use the user name but the admin password but alas I looked at quite a few and none actually worked for me!

This product is slightly different as it swaps the user password with the admin one. To me this is much better sollution as (a)It works! (b)It means the user can't log in while I am working on their profile and (c)it is more likely to make you inform the user that you will be logging into their account since.

Not sure why no one else has rated it yet as it does indeed does a 5 star Excellent rating!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for the kind review. I am glad you appreciate the simplicity of my component and I hope it has made your administration tasks for users a bit easier.

Terry Carter
Kaoz Designs, LLC

byPunya, August 14, 2013
Although there are a lot of good reviews for this product, I feel they may be for the previous version. This new, re-written version had a lot of bugs when I installed it, although to be fair they spent over a week fixing everything I reported. I am still wary of using it though in case other as yet un-found bugs may be there. I also have found that their own website shows error messages and often won't load at all most mornings I try to access it so I do wonder just how well they test things.

There is no support for animated GIF files and limited interaction with Community builder activity stream, so that plus the bugs means I will not be installing on my live server at present.

If you want a 'Facebook image gallery' replacement this is probably great but as a community Builder integrated replacement for CB Gallery, I think it has the potential to be the best there is out there but unfortunately it is not there yet.
Owner's reply

We have actually already fixed all known bugs that have been reported by our many users, so you have no worries about that. I have also repeatedly told you that the problem you were having with the scrolling is not a bug, but because you have a top panel from another extension with a z-index of over 2 million (yes, over 2000000!!!) which is covering up everything, but I cannot help if you do not believe me.

Also, I have also repeatedly told you the integration with the activity stream is not limited but designed like that on purpose, so there won't be unnecessary spam appearing on user's activity stream. This is also identical to the kind of activities Facebook allow on users' timelines.

We are sorry that after assisting you with the extension actively throughout that you are still unhappy, but the problems you have with the software aren't bugs. They are designed that way on purpose as I've explained to you, and we simply cannot modify it to suit individual user's needs. Such changes can only be rolled out step by step, or be custom modified as with any other opensource software.

Lastly, the errors you saw on our site was because we were upgrading mysql and cpanel, that's all.

byPunya, July 27, 2013
OS Services Booking
I have used another product from this company which is really great, but this product feels like it comes from a different company entirely. For me it was very quirky - having to create a venue for every service you offer and no way to even copy them - 5 services at two actual premises means you need to set up 10 locations! You also are forced to use the shopping cart system and for single item bookings this makes for a lot of key presses to book. Also I was disappointed to find the Google calendar integration just writes out but can't read in.

On the plus point they did respond to my questions quickly even if just to say 'no' and they did refund my money due to the Google Calendar issue. so as mentioned elsewhere, give it a go and see if it works or not for you. If it had the polish of other products from this company it could be great.
I have been using this product for a while now and have been impressed by the gradual tweaks that have turned it into a great looking and very usable chat system. The subscription rates are amazing (from free to not much really) and the support full on (I had an issue with it stopping working and it was sorted as soon as they arrived at work!)
If you are looking for a chat system you can't go far wrong with FCChat!
byPunya, September 7, 2012
s4j Profile Status Indicator
Not bad for what it does however it shows a profile as complete even when the user has not set an avatar which to me is a fundamental error in the functionality. I also wanted to use some of my CB fields (namely a DOB) and it does not pick this up. I have looked for documentation but find none (even the product description for this is actually the description of another product!) and have posted two question on their message boards yet four days later no one has put any answer. (I also wondered why my version of the status bar looks quite basic compared to the one on their demo site!)

A shame as there only seems to be two products now that allow give CB status on j2.5 sites, and the other one did not work for me (and I see on their message board other say the same) so this one tempts you in that at least it partly works, shame just not properly!
Event Booking
I had tried using another product with not much success so feel lucky to have then come across this. It works first time out of the box and is really easy to integrate and make good looking event listing on your web site.
It was also great to see an update posted just after I purchased this, responding to a feature request from a user so shows developer listens to customers! Good documentation and support you can view before you buy the product (why do some people hide their support pages until you hand over cash!)