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byPuraVidaWebDesign, April 9, 2012
After struggling with the new Joomla 2.5 lang support I found this extension and thought lets give it a try.
So I went ahaed and spent the 35Euro and I have to say, this extension is worth every cent. Not only does Stephan do a incredible job answering support questions - within 30minutes i got an answer - but also Falang supports the native lang feature
So i could resolve my troubles simply by cloning the modules and add them to the specific language, without doing any additional hacking etc.

This is way better then using the native Joomla language solution, especially if you have a huge site, cause it wil make your life so much easier

Therefore 5* Start from me

Keep up the good work

byPuraVidaWebDesign, March 12, 2011
Community Builder
I'm using CB since around 4 years and I have to say. This is simply the best, just updated a few sites to 1.4, which literally took me only a few minutes without any trouble at all, every single plugin I've installed before just worked as it should.

So if you need a good community software, then this is the one you should use.
byPuraVidaWebDesign, November 12, 2010
After looking for a app who could do SEF on our site I decided to buy sh404sef
Install was without any trouble, but it was required to add a live site into the joomla config and that was the moment the trouble started
I added the domain with www in the config file and if a visitor came in the site without www it would create a 404. So we changed the config and deleted the www, which actually result in having all visitors who came in using the www getting a 404
So I checked in their forum and coldn't find any answer. Posting a new thread was impossible since they require a bunch of stuff a poster should put in for a new threat
So I went to their contact form and asked for help. Long story short - NO ANSWER at all
They have been easy for taking my money, but for the rest I'm very disappointed about this.
So my vote: Don't buy it if you are expecting any help...
Owner's reply

Sorry that you had a bad support experience, but your remarks call for an explanation.
We provide support through the forum. I don't know why there was no answer from the contact form, there should have been one asking you to go to the forum. We do not provide support by email, though of course, sometimes, after a discussion has been started on the forum it can continue by email if there are some technical details that should not be displayed on a public forum for instance.

Because we provide support free of charge, and to make it more efficient, we do ask users to provide some information about their site and server simply to avoid that our first response is "Please, can you tell me about this and that"

You said "Posting a new thread is impossible because they require a bunch of stuff...". We ask for things like: your Joomla version, your sh404sef version, php and apache version, whether you use .htaccess or not.

Again, I'm sorry that you find this "impossible" to collect (all of this is available from your Joomla system menu BTW), but at the same time, please understand that this is information we'll need in trying to solve your issue.


byPuraVidaWebDesign, May 26, 2010
I've been using Joomla for many years now, starting with it when it still was called Mambo.
As a webdesign company we had a lot of realtors as customers and we iterally have tried every possible solution to integrate a real estate app inside joomla, starting from openrealty, hotproperties etc etc.
Every single one had his advantages and his downsides and i found never one which we wouldn't need any extensive modification.
So obviously I was very skeptical about this component and especially looking at the price I really hesitated to move forward with it.
First I tried their support, asking some pre sales question, I've received a satisfying answer in less then 2 hours (on a Sunday!!!) so I started playing more with their demo and finally I decided to go for it.
To make a long story short. I'm really amazed about this components and the additional modules, buying it, was as smooth as it could get, getting access to the files right after it and so far we have only needed to change a few CSS settings to match the design for he customer, which took us around 10min.
Without getting too crazy, but I really have to say that this is one of the best real estate apps I have ever seen.

If you are a realtor, or need to build a realtor site. This is the one you should take. It's worth it......

Keep up the good work
byPuraVidaWebDesign, January 8, 2010
Documents Seller
Don't bother buying it, cause it simply doesn't work as expected.
Additional the support is pretty poor and simply dissapaered.
We had accidently ordered the version for jomsocial, but needed the CB version, so I informed them about this, first they said that they would refund, but since we had already trouble with the setup, i asked if we could hire him for getting everything working, so instead of refunding us he could deduct it from the amount we would have to pay him.
They agreed and everything looked ok, but then they just vanished and now we have 2 versions, which we can't use since it simply doesn't work.

So my personal advise: Stay away from this extension if you are not on a high PHP level
Owner's reply


First of all, I am sorry to hear that you could not get the extension setup and running.

Second, The extension does not have a version for JomSocial or CB . It just simply integrate with Community builder, so I am not sure you are talking about the correct version.
I have sold many copies of the extension and most of clients can get it work easily. Some of them cannot get it work, they just need to contact our support and everything will work fine.

The weakness of the extension is that it lack of document and client doesn't know how to set up and config it.(It requires upload a file which we hacked into Docman to over-write the original one and some clients get trouble with it).

Our support has been so good, not only for Document Seller for docman but also for other extensions : Joom Donation, CB plugins selection.. In the last days, the support were abit slow because I spent most of the time to develop new extension : Documents Seller. This extension has same functions with Documents Seller For Docman, work with Joomla 1.5 native, doesn't require Docman any more. Plus, it has some new nice features : Shopping cart, coupons, Tags...We also improved documents for the extension, setup a support tickets system to serve you better ,

To all visitor who read this review : Come to our site, look at the features of the new extension, you will see that it is the best extension for selling your downloadable products.