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Pure Web Group

byPure Web Group, July 11, 2014
I run an equal parenting non-profit organization and this addon is perfect for our multiple campaigns.

The backend is incredibly intuitive, nicely layed out, great amount of configurations however it is all very simple to use and not overly complex. You will have it all mastered in under 10 minutes.

Nice...clean..professional and works!

Very satisfied and I high suggest this component.

~ Flook
byPure Web Group, February 5, 2014
I am a big fan of Joomla addons that are well thought out, easy to use/configure, works seemlessly into my sites etc.

This little gem not only meets but exceeds my criteria. In my opinion, this is the only chat addon that anyone should need. I have tried a few others but there was always something "off" about them. Some didn't work in all browsers, some broke my sites, etc.

On top of that - communication with John from the site was great. You can really tell that he takes pride in his work.

All things considered - I am very satisfied with this addon and would highly recommend it to others.

~ Dave Flook | Not All Dads Are Deadbeats
byPure Web Group, February 4, 2014
ACL Manager
This is how ALL joomla addons should be made. Easy to use, well thought out, intuitive. The company's website is also straight forward and the user systems work flawlessly. The owners replied to my email immediately and were very accommodating. Very satisfied.

~ Dave Flook | Not All Dads Are Deadbeats