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byPyro, June 2, 2008
Documents Seller
The theme that we try to reflect on our website and in our product is "Simplicity & Elegance" We needed a simple, easy yet elegant solution to get the job done. We already use DocMan for our download manager and tying this into point-of-sales is a brilliant idea. This extension fits in nicely with our overall theme. We can a have a rich site with just the right features you need, easy access and use. Someone that is selling downloadable products from their website can be one step closer to acquiring and then retaining customers. At first we had a few issues trying to get it configured properly. Support was quick to respond and worked with us until everything was resolved and working smoothly. When you purchase a product and/or service part of the package is quality support and they have come though on all points. I can highly recommend this extension to anyone looking for a paid access solution.