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byPyroCode, March 25, 2010
In the 4+ years I've been using Joomla, I've tried several form extensions but I have to say that Chronoforms is ultimately one of the best if not at the top. I've done a lot of custom form designs for past clients of mine but lately since I've been using it even more in my own site, I have to strongly recommend this component. My most favorite part of this (of many) is the fact you can basically do your form up in standard html and then simply paste the code into Chronoforms. I also know they offer a free version (at the time of writing this) but to be perfectly honest, the price for the commercial version is WELL WORTH IT! Support is quick and with the amount of work they do over there, I think it's worth it again. Thanks Chrono!
byPyroCode, May 14, 2009
I've been designing sites with Joomla for the last 3 years and one of the biggest frustrations with any cms is the quality level of editors. The cms would not even exist if it wasn't for the editor plugins because a cms is about content and how do you get content into your website...with an editor!

I've tried many over time and some editor developers stay flat lined with no advancements while others who did well no longer do well and of course on the flip side I have seen others not do well before but do better now.

There really is no "perfect" editor yet and hoping one day there will be...specifically editors that "DO NOT OVERWRITE" my own html code and of course being able to safely add custom php and or javascript via the editor (without it also rewriting it).

Overall, I just moved from a paid editor extension (no names to be mentioned here) for the JCE one. I have to say it's been over a year since I last used JCE but took another look yesterday and decided I like this version a lot better. Well done on this one and thanks Ryan.
byPyroCode, April 1, 2008
I used to use the "other one" until coming across this one from recommendation of a buddy of mine. I have to say I love this extension is it's always one of the top on the list to install whenever I do a new joomla site.

Although now that I am on joomla 1.5, I am hoping the developer will push for the Joomla 1.5 Native version and not legacy because I refuse to run anything in the legacy mode. So in the mean time, I will have to use google's method.