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byQuazarr, November 14, 2012
I have been a long time DocMan user from my first 1.5 site until today. I have used it in a variety of different sites and different needs. It just work! Its easy to modify to fit your needs and the support is out of this world. Faster and more knowledgeable support than some high end technology companies. This is a MUST for anyone needing a top of the line Document Management solution in their Joomla site.
JobGrok Premium
Building Joomla sites for a living, I have come to reply a lot of extentions from all the wonderful minds in our community. I never hesitate to pay for some of these because it saves me a LOT of time! That's worth it to me!

And I almost NEVER post a comment here. I save that for the rare ones.. To me, when I pay money, I expect a good product. If thats what I get, great... but its like a tip.. Im not going to leave a comment for just getting exactly what I pay for... For me its the SERVICE/SUPPORT that makes the difference.

Bob @ JobGrok is amazingly quick with his responses and helpful the first time around.

If you need a great Job Board tool and are a bit concerned with the money JobGrok asks... take it from a prefessional developer... Its worth EVERY DIME!!!!!
byQuazarr, May 13, 2010
KA Facebook Like and Share
Both the KA Facebook Pro module and this plugin are worth every dime. Work as described plus great support! Thanks!