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R@xXx Joomex

byR@xXx Joomex, February 23, 2010
I have been using JCE for some days and my opinion about it is becoming worse and worse.

1) It doesn't create / tags automatically. This can help in some cases, but in most cases it only disturbs.
2) It makes article loading too long.
3) JCE can compete with TinyMCE and some others, but ceditCKEditor leaves it far behind, not because of features, but because of look & speed.
4) Too many features, and too much time to find the one needed.
Owner's reply

1) What tags are you referring to? JCE creates well-formed XHTML valid html.

2 & 3) It seems strange that your main requirements of an editor are speed and visual appeal. The loading speed of JCE can be increased by activating GZip compression in the JCE Configuration.

4) I agree, JCE is packed full of features, and offer even more with an optional subscription. Sometimes its necessary to spend time to learn how to use an extension to get the most out of it.

byR@xXx Joomex, February 12, 2010
Kunena is powerful. It doesn't have a lot of glitches. It has a high-quality Ukrainian translation. It doesn't disfigure users avatars. It generates RSS. It works perfectly with Community Builder.

It is a great alternative for vBulletin, phpBB or even IPB, of course, if you have several additional Joomla! components installed.

byR@xXx Joomex, December 6, 2009
Mark "C"... It is simple to work with it and it makes its work, BUT:

* many plugins for it are paid
* many free plugins are... hm... bad...

I thank authors a lot for their work, but I still prefer sh404SEF.

But! For simple sites without forums, directories but with lots of articles and pages this plugin is MUST-HAVE!