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I think this is the best plugin to add modal effect to all your outgoing links.
byRBJ, February 18, 2010
I liked this plugin and I am surprised no one else has voted or commented for this plugin. I have been looking for an extension that can provide some kind of toolbar for site's outgoing links so that user can still stay attached to our site.

This plugin can be the one. Right now it doesn't do what I am looking for but I am pretty sure, someone can take this idea and make it work the way I want it.

Great effort!!
byRBJ, August 18, 2008
Its really a great component. It installed fine but I got this error message saying that fetchscript.js should be chmod to 644 or 666. When I looked at the file (it will be under administrator/component/xplorer folder), it was in 0666 mode. Once I changed it to 0644, it worked like a charm.

Great job guys.
byRBJ, September 18, 2007
This is really a nice plugin. I had trouble creating external links to my content. This one helped me and works like a charm.

Keep up the good work guys!!