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Yubikey Authentication
We're using this to implement 2 factor authentication on all our pre-3.2 Joomla! sites and it's so simple.

Just get the API key, set up the plugin, and add your users. Couldn't be easier, and very simple to explain to clients.
byRCheesley, June 25, 2013
This is a simple and lightweight way to customise your registration form, if you need more flexibility than the user profile plugins which ship with Joomla! and a simple UI to manage fields.

My only criticism is that the documentation is at present quite poor, making it frustrating to work out how to use the extension.
byRCheesley, January 27, 2013
Include Component
I came across this when I was despairing as I couldn't think how to show the same component twice on the same page - found this link in a very old forum post and wasn't expecting it to work, but it works absolutely perfectly!

Many thanks!
byRCheesley, November 30, 2012
I needed to show my slideshare decks on my blog when I was writing about events I've spoken at, and previously it's been a nightmare - I stumbled across this plugin and it works perfectly. Took me a few seconds to read how to use the plugin, and then plain sailing!

It would be awesome if there was also an editor button to make it easier for clients, but as it is I found it fit my needs perfectly!
Owner's reply

Thanks. Great feedback, appreciated.
In return, you can now find the requested Editor Button in the download area. Freshly brewed.

byRCheesley, November 7, 2012
I had a client who didn't like the 'do you really want to log out' feature, this extension worked perfectly and saved having to use custom URL's etc.

Thanks :)
Account Expiration Control
I have been an AEC user since the days of Joomla! 1.0.x but am now coming to use it much more with 2.5.x purely due to the number of micro-integrations available, the ease of writing new MI's, and the number of payment gateways supported.

Don't be under the misconception that this is an easy thing to get to grips with, even the geeks will need to refer to the manual to get your head around how it actually works, especially if you want to do something different.

The one failing I would have to say, which the guys at Valanx have identified as something they're working on, is the documentation. It is there, but it's often a challenge to find the correct information, and some parts are not up to date due to the fact that a new beta version has been released (which is awesome, and I would rather them spend time on getting the new version out than writing documentation when it's mostly the same)!

All in all, it's a great extension, hugely powerful, needs some respect when configuring it, and has a good support team behind it.
Akeeba Backup
Akeeba Backup has literally saved my backside so many times, it's become an indispensable part of my Joomla! installations.

We use the pro version on every site we design, uploading backups to S3 at whatever interval is appropriate to the site.

Kickstart allows us to move sites between hosting companies and up/down from localhost environments with ease, and the system restore points have added another level of 'oops I broke something' fixes which have been a great help.

We simply wouldn't be without Akeeba Backup!
byRCheesley, February 10, 2012
Akeeba Release System
We use this to manage all our extension downloads, and it's simply brilliant.

It interfaces beautifully with Akeeba Subscriptions and the Joomla! ACL's (via an AS plugin which adds/removes users to the relevant groups when subscribing/expiring), and even allows you to create update streams for each item.

We've been using this since it's early days and it's been great to see it become a stable product, with new features being introduced and things being tidied up to make it a really solid system.

Any suggestions, feedback or support requests have been dealt with quickly and professionally, with releases being made available within an hour or two of problems being identified. Definitely the extension of choice for providing subscription/payment-driven software downloads.
byRCheesley, February 10, 2012
Admin Tools Professional
We use Admin Tools Pro on all our sites, and I would never consider looking elsewhere.

By default, it does tons of hugely useful things which I can remember having to do manually (and frequently making mistakes and breaking entire sites!) and with the update feature, I am happy to allow clients to maintain the site themselves.

The WAF is great, if a little strict, by default - but configurable enough to be able to enable and disable features to your requirements.

Support has been top notch, quick, responsive and helpful. Documentation is very good (if you read it!) and it integrates well with Akeeba Backup as well - prompting to take a backup prior to updating, for example.

Only slight frustration is the rate at which Nicholas releases new versions, I'm constantly having clients call me telling me it's out of date! But that's a good thing! :))
byRCheesley, February 10, 2012
I've been using this for years and it's a fantastic plugin. Really makes life easier for me, and my clients. I've never needed to seek support, as it just works!
byRCheesley, December 12, 2011
I have to admit being very disappointed with the slow speed at which Joom!Fish was being developed, and when I had a client who needed a 1.7 multilingual site, I had a look around the JED to see what else was available and happened across Falang.

I don't normally use beta extensions on live sites however I've been testing this out for a few weeks and although there are a couple of minor bugs - more of a feature request than a bug, mostly - I've found it to be very stable.

I needed the K2 functionality which many others need, and I noticed someone wrote on a review they had re-done the content plugin to work with K2, so I emailed Stephane and received a copy within a few hours to try out.

I'll definitely be watching the development of this closely, and hope it continues to develop as a strong alternative to Joom!Fish.
DPCalendar Lite
I really love this extension and am actually using it in preference to other calendar extensions where I can.

The component itself is easy to set up and add new calendars, and the layout is very easy to understand and intuitive.

The support is active and has helped me resolve several problems. It does have a few issues which can cause jquery conflicts but these are well documented in the forum.

All in all, a really useful extension.
byRCheesley, May 15, 2011
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I was a bit cynical at first as I've resented using Sobi2 for some time - it was clunky, difficult to make look professional, and awkward for both the client and the administrator.

I was quite suprised by the complete overhaul the team have given Sobi with the release of SobiPro - a clean and professional interface with an integrated update facility, much more refined directory entry creation, and easy to understand configuration.

There are some features missing from Sobi2 but many of these are being introduced in a phased approach to SobiPro.

Support is very responsive and extremely helpful on the club forums, with quick answers to my questions and helpful feedback to help troubleshoot problems.

Overall, very impressed and most definitely an extension to watch - very promising!
JSN ImageShow PRO
I've used JSN products for many years and they just keep getting better. I've had a developers license for this product for quite a while now, and I use it a lot.

Once you have a read of the extensive documentation or watch the well-made tutorials you'll appreciate just how configurable the extension is. I've used it for image galleries, rotating headers, static headers .. it's just great.

It's also quite easy to explain to my clients how to add new images as well, which is a bonus! Integrating with other gallery systems is a huge bonus also, which shows the developers are forward thinking and listening to their users.

I've had to use the ticket system a few times and always had a prompt response with fixes provided or assistance to identify what the problem was.

I'd definitely recommend this, it's not hugely expensive but it's definitely a worthwhile investment.
Event Booking
Everything you could really ask for in an extension really, it does what it claims to do in a clear, simple way. It has all the basic features and some pretty nifty options you can enable as well (such as the group bookings feature).

The developers are very active and willing to help and advise which is in stark contrast from my experience with similar extensions.

I think I'm going to start moving all my sites over to this system as it really is everything I need and more, and it is simple for users and easy for developers to expand upon.
When I decided to use Moodle for an E-Learning site I had taken on from a client who was let down by another developer, it had to work properly, and quickly.

Moodle was simple to install with clear, step by step instructions on the Wiki. Both the Joomla! and Moodle side of things were fairly simple although I stumbled across a few issues which were responded to via the forum quite quickly.

I had to get some custom development done for the payment gateway integration which was done extremely efficiently and works perfectly. Antonio also figured out a couple of configuration settings which weren't quite right while doing the work, saving me a lot of troubleshooting.

I've found this to be a really great system for integrating Moodle with Joomla and will definitely recommend it in the future.
PayPal Donations Lite
This component and the associated modules were very easy to download and install, and although the mouse-over explanations on the back end could be clearer, it's fairly easy to set up and configure (less than 10 minutes work in total).

Very quick way to set up a donations system using Paypal on your Joomla! site, and the thermometer module is great too.

Had to do a few core hacks to remove punctuation which is unnecessary and to centre the thermometer - would be nice to have this controlled by the back end, but that's just a cosmetic issue really!

Overall, very impressed and will definitely be using on more sites in the future!
byRCheesley, August 18, 2010
FW Gallery
A really great component for Joomla! photo galleries, very simple to use and now there are plugins to enable batch upload and lots of other features, I can see this becoming the gallery of choice.

The best thing in my opinion is that feedback is being listened to, with regular releases and improvements coming thick and fast - a great sign of a strong development team and reliable extension.
byRCheesley, August 14, 2010
This worked perfectly for me, I'm rebranding my business and needed to have a way to inform my site visitors that there was a new site, but didn't want to adversely affect the rankings of the original site either.

Does what it says on the tin, and being able to have the content article without site styling is another nice feature.

Lightbox would be a nice addition but it works just fine as it is.
Owner's reply

Yours is the second request I've had for Lightbox. I will be adding it to the next release.

byRCheesley, July 15, 2010
ActiveHelper LiveHelp
From start to finish I have been impressed with this product. I'm not one to read the manual but I got a bit stuck with this, and there's a "how to" video taking you step by step through the process. Sure, a manual would be nicer but it does the job!

The component sits on your main site, and you can add other sites as well - perfect for me as I'm rebranding at the moment and need to monitor both sites. Modules are automatically created, you just download them and install them!

You can customise the images to match your corporate branding which is great.

Also, the desktop client is really nice. Easy to use, sensibly laid out and professional. I'll definitely be considering the full version once the trial expires.
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