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byRCheesley, July 13, 2010
Just what I was looking for, a simple but feature-rich component to provide a portfolio of work for my new website. There are some really nice features, and although I'd like a few extras such as being able to add a field for a client testimonial and have more than one image, perhaps other media such as videos, it does what it says on the tin and does it quite nicely! Good job!
byRCheesley, June 26, 2010
It's not often you come across a component that is pretty good at what it does, and comes with an oustanding level of customer support.

I purchased this component this afternoon on something of a whim - I've used other commercial blogging components but fancied a change, and I am really glad I went for it!

The installation was very simple and configuration was easy (even without looking at the manual!).

I had a couple of problems with my template - nothing major but one of the menus right aligned when I was in the component, and some text was being echoed into the screen. I had a fix and response for both within half an hour, with assurance it'll be in the next update release of the component.

I take my hat off to the developers, they are certainly leading the way where all others should follow in terms of listening to their users, fixing even little niggly issues almost immediately, and being both friendly and courteous in the process.
byRCheesley, February 15, 2010
Nice Social Bookmark
Really nice module, installed and worked without any customization!

It's good to be able to have several size options for the icons as well, to ensure it fits with different templates.

Well done, very clean and easy to use module :)
byRCheesley, November 7, 2009
Profile Pro for Community Builder
Everything from purchasing to installation and getting support was top notch for this plugin.

It massively extends the functionality of Community Builder profiles and lets you escape from the dreaded tab layout!

Much promise when they are able to implement including other content (from plugins, e.g. from forums etc) - actively being developed with helpful responses on their forum.

Had to do a couple of tweaks to get the plugin button working with JCE however these are all documented quite clearly on the forum. Some great video tutorials give you clear ideas on how to get started - I can only assume the negative reviews didn't bother to check out the resources that this developer makes freely available.
byRCheesley, April 15, 2009
PixSearch Ajax Search
Really impressed with this, it works out of the box and does what it says on the tin, prettily!

Very nice piece of work, will definitely consider using on my other sites :)
byRCheesley, January 5, 2008
Contact Information
Just what I needed - I was going to write this module and thought I'd have a quick check to see if anyone else had already done so!

After a bit of tweaking I managed to add in Tel: and Email: which were not present, and with the instructions for adding CSS styles was able to customise to the site.

Thank you, saved me a lot of work!
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