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byRDSS, August 18, 2011
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In my wait for completely and perfect auto-translations I will settle for this tool. To be serious, this tool does what it says, and makes you really get control over your translations. I found it to be very easy to use and to be a huge time-saver, at least for me. I don't have any negative to report thus far.
byRDSS, March 13, 2011
Admin Tools
A time saver when upgrading, tighten security without any knowledge at all. Several other tools for cleaning and optimizing the database tables as well as fixing the tables if there are errors. Some simple SEO tools and redirecting tools as well. there also a few other tools. This is a time saver for me and makes me feel a little more secure. Excellent! I have the PRO version.
byRDSS, January 20, 2011
Account Expiration Control
We have been using AEC for almost 6 months now and have to admit that this is great software!

We’re using it in conjunction with Jomsocial and IdevAffiliate and would have been pretty helpless without it, since we never found the same versatility and flexibility we wanted and needed in any other similar solutions out there. It’s vital for handling the members of two communities we’re running with Jomsocial and making payment an easy and secure task for our members when paying and for us administering it. It’s pretty great actually and also easy to setup these integrations (MI – micro integrations). Very good support for payment processors, and even if the one we actually needed (DIBS) – we just had to integrate ACE and hope for DIBS payment support before to long. We have been using PayPal in the meantime. But now it seems that the DIBS payment processor is just around the corner..

Thanks for making this great piece of software! It's Golden :-)