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byRGracile, March 19, 2012
Just wanted to say - this extension is outstanding. I use it on every site I develop. It _always_ works. It styles beautifully. It's extremely customizable. And using the module component in conjunction with a category menu link, you can build any kind of contact-enabled page. It will even let you use it for credit card submission (with or without ssl) because you can choose not to send fields by email but keep them in a database.

Brilliant. And thank you!
byRGracile, October 18, 2010
Art Gallery
What a great module! I installed it on a client's site where I used it so that visitors can assemble a puzzle (just cut up some text into the images) and the puzzle then spells their company byline. The module was very easy to install and worked exactly as advertised. Unfortunately, there was no documentation and I was in a rush, so I couldn't get it to work right away. I shot the developers an email and not fifteen minutes later they'd gotten everything to work, even sized it for me (although I could have done that myself, so they were great). So I give it five stars, once for the module itself, which is wonderful, and once for the support, which was just as wonderful. Thanks, guys.
byRGracile, October 18, 2010
Spider Menu
What can I say about this module, other than I love it, and my client loves it. Not only does it look good, and look different from anything anyone else has out there, but a) it was extremely easy to set up, b) integrated beautifully with the website, and c) because my client wishes to run his own site, he has total control over the entire menu, from appearance to text and images. This is exactly what Joomla exists for - to give the client control - and it's nice to see developers remaining true to this need for client control. Thanks to the guys at Pulse Extensions, truly excellent work!
byRGracile, October 18, 2010
Sexy ImageMenu
After searching for hourse for a non-flash-based image slider I could use as a menu, I finally settled on Sexy Image Slider as the cleanest and most elegant. Well, I had a bit of trouble purchasing the module because I work for a large development company and we don't use a Paypal account - but the guys at Pulse Extensons took care of that in a couple of hours and I got the module. As for the module: it took only a few minutes to set up and it worked exactly as advertised, integrating perfectly with my site (after some custom css styling of course). The best part is that we develop sites in Joomla so our clients can run the sites themselves. The Sexy Image Module couldn't be easier for our clients to use, allowing them to update their own text, links, and images. They love it, and we love that. Thanks to the guys at Pulse Extensions, and keep up the excellent work!