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This component allows you and registred-user to edit very easy all the announcements you want to use, but you can make it more modular and personalized with the excellent help from the support team (Thank you very much Bojan!!!)
You have also access on a very broad FAQ, with a lot of questions submitted and resolved in the past.
I tried some other component before, and this one was really the best and the last one : It is definitively this one who allowed me to achieve the 2 websites I wanted to build!
Thank you very much, you are the best!!!
Localadix Ads Manager
The very important point is that you need "community builder" to install and to use Localadix,
It is very easy to instal and to configure, you can determin the type of ads, the type of categories, and the profile of users. It's not easy to find other informations about this app.on the web, but it's possible.
I'm not professional webdesigner, but orthopedic surgeon and i only use Joomla very recently, but had some little previous experience of creating web sites. That's for me a hobby.The technical support is very kind and helpfull, and i was happy to have subscribed to this opportunity!! They adapted for me, without any more cost some items I needed to change fast and efficiently.
I hope you have fun with this extension.
Owner's reply


Thank you for your opinion :). By cons, I must precise that Localadix can fully works without Community Builder. Localadix is compatible with Community Builder thanks to the CB plugin but it's designed to work with a basic version Joomla (without CB it's really possible ;)).

Best regards