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byRabooDesign, May 31, 2010
NS Pro
Powerful in its simplicity. Readers can subscribe to the newsletter, you can have them confirm or not, select manually to whom you want to send a newsletter, or create lists and send the newsletter in one go. I first tried Acajoom, but it is so complicated that most of my clients got a headache and asked to install something easy to use. NS Pro is understandable to everybody and it doesn't fail.
byRabooDesign, May 17, 2010
Frontend-User-Access (lite)
I was really amazed that this actually works so perfect. I have 3 license packages on my site and each package has its own set of articles, so a licensee should only get access to those articles and update pages he is entitled to. Yet, he can see menus to pages that are not meant for him.
For the time being, that is great because it might convince him at some point to upgrade to a higher license. However, there will be a point when there is too much content on the site and then I will need the pro version of this wonderful plugin, so that I can hide menus per user group. As you can create as many user groups as you like, you can have many different access levels which do not depend on the traditional member groups like authors, editors etc...
What I find really brilliant is that you do not need to create a new user list, you have access to all the existing registered users and you can assign them to a custom user group. Piece of cake!