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byRaceweek, April 3, 2010
A number of booking and reservation softwares out there promise a lot and deliver very little. expecting your site to link out to an external booking system which takes the user away from you site and onto theirs and then back again making for a very mismatched user experience.

JOMRES keeps the user on your site and fits in to most Joomla or Standalone templates with ease.

One thing that comes to mind is do not take JOMRES for a basic system, it has a lot of features to make it a One Stop piece of software. I strongly recommend reading the manual and keep it close (desktop shortcut or hard copy) as there are a lot of little things that you might get stuck on which a very well explained in the manual. Swallow your pride gentlemen, Read the manual.

Thanks to the JOMRES team for helping the Raceweek team get a running start.