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byRagoni, March 22, 2013
I´ve been using this extension for almos a month now. I am not a programmer and was able to set the entire site by myself.
Everytime I needed help I got a great support, fast and efective, they even made a plugin to use a payment gateway for me.
I am very happy with it,
byRagoni, March 24, 2012
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Community Builder
I use Community Builder and some of the adons for a buy&sell site.
I am not a coder, nor a programmer, designer or anything like that and I was able to make it work just as I needed.

The extension is free, but paying a yearly rate you get lots of adons and stuff that were really helpful to meet my needs.

As I am not a coder, I had to ask in the support forum some questions that were rapidly answered and I got very useful and clear suggestions to do things I didn´t know how to.
Before paying the yearly rate I asked for a budget to do what I needed, it costed like U$10.000, proffesional membership costs Eur 95, nothing more to say.